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Quote1.png It's not the jump that's the scary part... it's the landing. Quote2.png
-- Ghost Rider

Appearing in "Apocalypse Soon, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Apocalypse Soon, Part 1"

Lucifer takes over an airplane copilot preparing for take-off, who he quickly forces to kill the main pilot. Ghost Rider arrives on the scene just as the plane is lifting off and uses his chain to ground the plane. Ghost Rider rigs a jet fuel truck to hit Lucifer, resulting in a large explosion. Rather than finish the job, the Johnny Blaze aspect of Ghost Rider causes him to become distracted by the evacuating passengers of the plane, which is now ablaze. Lucifer, in the burning corpse of the airplane pilot, goads Johnny Blaze, attempting to convince him to save the lives of the innocent passengers rather than pursue him. After a pause, Ghost Rider remains true to his conviction of killing Lucifer. Before he can act however, he is once again distracted by the explosion of the plane. He is then spotted by firefighters before vanishing from sight.

The next morning, Johnny wakes up on a roadside somewhere and has an internal discussion with his Ghost Rider aspect about what happened. Johnny feels guilty that innocent lives were lost, but Ghost Rider convinces him that his interference allowed Lucifer to escape and must not happen again. Johnny takes off for the internally stated destination of Buffalo, but while driving, Johnny encounters heavy traffic against him on both sides of the interstate. He goes to a nearby diner, but the people there are too caught up by news reports of the Hulk terrorizing New York City and the resulting evacuation.

Blaze makes it clear he wants to go help the New Yorkers and despite resistance from his other half, travels there in his Ghost Rider form. However, before he can do anything, he is confronted by none other than... the Hulk!


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