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Quote1.png I know what it's like to have... something inside you that just wants vengeance, no matter what the cost -- but you can control it! Quote2.png
Johnny Blaze

Appearing in "Apocalypse Soon (Part II of II)"

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Synopsis for "Apocalypse Soon (Part II of II)"

Ghost Rider and the Hulk square off against one another. Ghost Rider tries to reason with him, playing to the Hulk's sympathies. The tactic fails however, and the Hulk sends Ghost Rider reeling with a sonic clap. Getting back up, Johnny Blaze can feel the demonic urges of the Ghost Rider influencing him, but he refuses to give in.

Ghost Rider gets back onto his bike and races down the abandoned street. He begins whipping his chain around a tall building, and circles it several times until the chain weakens the structure so much that it collapses. The building falls on top of the Hulk. The Hulk climbs free from the wreckage and grabs the Rider with both hands. Hulk flings him high into the air as Ghost Rider ensnared the Hulk with his chain and then smashes into the pavement.

Thinking he has the Hulk ensnared, Ghost Rider drags him along on his bike. Only once he pulls his load up to street level does he realize that the Hulk is not within his grasp, but instead a subway car. The Hulk then leaps down from a tall building, landing on Ghost Rider.

Miles away, Doctor Strange and Mister Fantastic monitor the battle from their respective headquarters. Strange observes that the limitless power of the Ghost Rider is actually restricted by Johnny Blaze's consciousness.

At that moment, Johnny surrenders himself to the Ghost Rider. As he does so, the Ghost Rider releases his full power in a large display of hellfire. The Hulk yells in pain but seems largely undamaged. The Ghost Rider pauses. As Doctor Strange explains, the Ghost Rider is a being who only avenges the innocent, and since the Illuminate who exiled the Hulk into space are far from innocent, he has no business fighting the Hulk. He spins around on his cycle and rides off.


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