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Quote1.png The pain is like nothing I've ever felt before--it feels like my soul is actually on fire. And somehow, I know that the only way it will ever stop... is if I let it out. Quote2.png
Johnny Blaze

Appearing in ""Vicious Cycle (Part 3)""

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Synopsis for ""Vicious Cycle (Part 3)""

Ghost Rider has been summoned to a grave yard by Doctor Strange. Strange tells him to stop but Blaze mistakes him for Lucifer. Strange recognizes him as Johnny Blaze and they fight the battle continues until they finish pulling their punches and prepare to go all out. Meanwhile, two ordinary men find Blaze's bike abandoned on the side of a motor way, they load it onto their truck when it bursts into flames and dries off, leaving them stranded. Back at the scene of the fight, Doctor Strange shoots a beam of energy directly at Blaze from above, Doctor Strange believes he is dead and in realization drops his defenses when chains come out of Blaze's chest and grab Strange, pulling him down. He reveals that he feels like he is burning and makes it so Strange and himself are making eye contact, elsewhere Lucifer, in human form meets up with another version of himself and they talk about what Blaze is probably doing, in the grave yard, Blaze performs the penance stare on Strange.


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