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Johnny Blaze

Appearing in "Give Up the Ghost, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Give Up the Ghost, Part 3"

Mephisto takes Johnny to Hell and asks him for help. Johnny refuses and is brought to the Serpent's lair, where Mephisto tells him about Adam's plan to save mankind. The Serpent's war is what made Adam finally decide to acquire the Ghost Rider, the greatest weapon he could find. But before he can continue to explain, the Serpent becomes aware of their presence, so Mephisto takes him to a future where Adam's plan succeeds. Adam wants to rid the world of all sin, but doing so would turn humans into mindless, emotionless beings. Mephisto needs Johnny's help because he has the most experience when it comes to controlling the Ghost Rider.

Alejandra, the new Ghost Rider, returns to the temple in Nicaragua after her battle with Skadi and is immediately ordered by Adam to wipe out the sin in her fellow students. The Seeker objects to this but is held back by the gunfire of Adam's underlings. But Alejandra is also against this and tries to fight Adam, only to be grabbed by him, putting her under his control.

Johnny, having agreed to help Mephisto, rides through Nicaragua on a motorcycle, and after entering the temple, shoots Adam in the shoulder with a hellfire shotgun. The Seeker asks Johnny to take him to the Ghost Rider so that he can power her down. Mephisto's servant, the Servicer, breaks in, but, being a creature of pure sin, Ghost Rider destroys him with a swarm of locusts that come out of her mouth. Johnny offers to help her, but still under Adam's control, she hits him and puts her scythe to his neck, threatening to wipe out his sin.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN The new Spirit of Vengeance has taken on The Serpent's first avatar, SIN and held her own in battle. What does the mysterious Adam have planned for the Spirit next and is it cause for humanity's salvation or eternal damnation? Meanwhile, Johnny Blaze is shown a vision of the future that confirms his worst fears regarding the new Ghost Rider. Can he take on his successor armed only with a shotgun and a really cool old-school motorbike?

  • Rob Schwager is incorrectly credited as a letterer.

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