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Quote1.png Don't struggle. I can decrease the power of the Ghost Rider. I'm the Seeker. I came to choose the next Ghost Rider. To smell out the next "vessel" And I chose you. Quote2.png
Seeker (Undead) (Earth-616)

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Imara (First appearance) (Unnamed)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Just as the Ghost Rider is about to kill Johnny with her scythe, the Seeker steps between them and threatens to decrease her power. Adam uses his powers to toss him aside and feeds his power to the Ghost Rider.

The Seeker informs Johnny that the energy building up inside of her will soon erupt like a bomb and that they need to leave. Her power consumes everyone in the temple and their sin is erased, and when Johnny and the Seeker reach a village just outside the temple, they are all caught in the explosion.

In Colombia, Avengers Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Woman, fresh from their fight with the Hulk, witness the explosion. Ms. Marvel goes to check it out and deduces that it was a energy blast.

Back in Nicaragua, everyone aside from Johnny and the Seeker have become like mindless zombies now that they are without sin. The Seeker tells him that they weren't affected because the Seeker grabbed onto him and nullified the Ghost Rider's power.

Meanwhile, Adam and the Ghost Rider break into Cape Canaveral with the intention of boarding a space shuttle.

Solicit Synopsis

Amidst the chaos engulfing the planet via Fear Itself the mysterious Adam reveals his plans for the new Ghost Rider and first on the list is ripping the sin from Johnny Blaze. When the true power of the Ghost Rider is revealed the world will suddenly be a far more terrifying place.

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