Quote1 I know you raised me, Adam, and I'd love to say something really profound here, but... damn, Dad... you can kiss my flammable skeleton ass! Quote2
-- Alejandra

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Aboard a space station, Adam and the Ghost Rider plan on focusing her power on the station's camera lens, which would hit the entire Earth.

Johnny finds Mephisto in Hell and orders him to give him a bike that he can fly into space. Mephisto agrees, but in return, Johnny must make a secret deal with him. Afterwards, Johnny and the Seeker are flying after the Ghost Rider. But Johnny realizes that the Seeker is only going to use her as a weapon and decides to eject him from the bike, sending him back to Earth. Johnny arrives at the space station but must enter by firing missiles at the entrance, causing more damage to the ship than he would have preferred.

Standing on the space station's camera lens, Adam and the Ghost Rider prepare to strike.

Inside, Johnny discovers two astronauts whose sin was erased by the Ghost Rider, giving him no choice but to throw them overboard in an escape pod. Eventually, he finds the Ghost Rider's power about to explode from her. Johnny tries to convince her that it's her power to control and that it's her choice what she does with it. But Adam shoots Johnny in the stomach with his hellfire shotgun and admits to being the one who created sin and feeling guilty for it. The Ghost Rider realizes that Adam's war on sin was his attempt at fixing his mistakes and finally decides to stand against him, using her powers to blow up the space station.

Back in Nicaragua, Johnny awakes beside Alejandra, who tells him he survived because she pulled the hellfire out of him. Feeling guilty for taking the sin out of the Nicaraguans, Alejandra decides to find a way to return it to them. Johnny offers to teach her how to handle the curse, claiming to have known Ghost Riders, but she refuses, not wanting him telling her what to do.

Solicit Synopsis

- The all new Ghost Rider goes toe to toe with Johnny Blaze, but what path will she take to redemption? - Give Up the Ghost reaches its soulmelting conclusion…IN SPACE

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