Quote1 I've got a split second to decide. Save the innocent. Or punish the guilty. Zarathos screams for vengeance. I tell him to shut the hell up. Quote2
-- Ghost Rider

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In the deserts of Mexico, a little girl is fleeing from two men with guns. When she trips, she throws a rock at one of them in defense, an act that makes him mad enough that he decides to put his gun to her head. Suddenly, the Ghost Rider emerges from a portal beneath their feet. After making quick work of them, the girl runs away in fear of her.

The next day, at a base located in the desert, human traffickers, lead by the quite but ruthless Jones, prepare to ship a load of children to the United States. From the desert comes the Ghost Rider, who breaks in and frees the children. But Jones takes the truck that is still filled with children and drives away.

The Ghost Rider chases after him up the mountains until he steers the truck off a cliff and abandons it. Faced with the choice of saving the children or stopping Jones, the Ghost Rider chooses the children. After opening a portal that takes them to safety, the Ghost Rider hunts down Jones and corners him. It is then that Zarathos, the demon that inhabits the Ghost Rider, tells her that Jones is her father.

Changing back into Alejandra, she tells him she is his daughter, a fact that is unsurprising to him since he has gotten Mexican women pregnant before, and like her, they were sold off. As the Ghost Rider, Alejandra burns away all of her father's sin, leaving him alive but as an empty person.

Solicit Synopsis

Driven by the Spirit of Vengeance, Alejandra sets her sights on a human trafficking ring operating in the ruins of the destruction left by FEAR ITSELF and unwittingly uncovers her own shadowy history.

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