Quote1 Sinister, cryptic and friend to snakes. Attractive combination. Don't suppose you're the gatekeeper to a secret swamp shopping mall, are you? Quote2
-- Ghost Rider

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Earle (First appearance)

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Synopsis for 1st story

In a Louisana swamp, the Ghost Rider encounters a mysterious old lady, who she deduces is the gatekeeper to the border of something across the swamp. After crossing the border, she changes back to Alejandra, but not of her own volition. Suddenly, she is attacked by an alligator, but is saved by a man on the other end of the swamp named Earle, who takes her to a village where killers are sent to change their ways and cannot leave until then.

The witch Alejandra encountered is the mother of a raped murder victim who swore revenge on the killers of the region. Earle is sure that Alejandra, being the only person she has ever allowed to enter the village, was sent to release them.

While Earle believes the villagers have changed for the better, that isn't the case. In a secret meeting, all of the villagers grab onto each other and begin to merge together, creating a single, monstrous person. They attack Alejandra and Earle and tell her that when the witch put them in the village she told them that the only way they could leave was if they killed someone, but found that it was impossible to kill each other. Alejandra on the other hand is not from the village, so it is possible to kill her. Escaping back into the swamp, Alejandra crosses the border and strikes them down as the Ghost Rider.

Earle is now able to leave the village and sees that the witch has decayed into a corpse, but the Ghost Rider kills him regardless of the fact that he believes he has changed.

Solicit Synopsis

The Ghost Rider comes across a town harboring a deadly secret and must stand judgment of a centuries-old crime. Can a Spirit of Vengeance show mercy or would she burn sons for the sins of their fathers?

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