Quote1 Two sisters. And I get the really gross one who stinks of death. Story of my life. Quote2
-- Johnny Blaze

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  • Imara (Recap) (Unnamed)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Late at night in a Tokyo cemetery, Steel Wind and Adam, who somehow survived the space station explosion, revive Steel Wind's dead sister, Steel Vengeance, whose's still dead but with all of her robotics functioning. In return, the sisters must bring the Ghost Rider to him.

In a movie theater, the Ghost Rider asks the Seeker for help in putting the sin back into the Nicaraguans. The Seeker says that their sin can be found in Hell and Johnny Blaze could probably help her.

Meanwhile, Johnny is found and tied up by Hawkeye, a witness to the destruction in Nicaragua, who believes that Blaze as the Ghost Rider is responsible for it. After a brief fight, the Ghost Rider comes to his aid, but is suddenly sucked into a portal, along with Johnny.

The portal takes Johnny and Alejandra, now aware that he was a Ghost Rider, directly to Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance, who tells Johnny that the spell was only supposed to work on the Ghost Rider, meaning he may not be entirely rid of the curse.

The Ghost Rider challenges them but is surprised to learn the hard way that both sisters are a part of the bikes that they ride. On top of that, Steel Vengeance captures Johnny, and Steel Wind, feeling cheated out of their agreement because her sister is still dead, decides to leave with Blaze so that she can have her revenge against him.

The Ghost Rider goes after them but is struck in the chest with an arrow that has an amulet wrapped around it, which turns her back into Alejandra and knocks her out. Standing over her, is Hawkeye.

Solicit Synopsis

GUEST-STARRING HAWKEYE! The Avenger Hawkeye has followed the trail of destruction and ruined souls the Ghost Rider has left in its burning wake. And he isn’t the only one with his sights set on the Spirit of Vengeance. The wild hunt for the Rider begins here.

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