Quote1 Momma always said I'd go like this if I didn't change my ways... Stretched between a dead cyborg motorbike and a really bitter cyborg motorbike, impaled on the tip of a bullet train in the Japanese badlands. Quote2
-- Johnny Blaze

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Hawkeye explains to Alejandra that the amulet wrapped around the arrow stuck in her chest neutralizes magic. But now that she cannot do anything, it is up to him to save Johnny. Hawkeye rescues him just before the sisters smash him against a bullet train, but jumps off his sky-cycle, which flies towards the bullet train with Alejandra still tied to it. Alejandra is able pull out the arrow but the sky-cycle crashes into the train.

To make matters worse, Hawkeye is defeated and chained to the back of Steel Wind's motorcycle and dragged against the ground with the same thing happening to Johnny only on the back of Steel Vengeance's motorcycle.

However, the Ghost Rider follows behind them on top of the bullet train, now possessed as her vehicle. Johnny and Hawkeye climb onto it, giving the Ghost Rider a chance to blow the sisters up with a gun.

When the dust settles, the Ghost Rider prepares to deal the final blow to Steel Wind, who has been reduced to nothing but a head and torso, but Johnny convinces her to let her live and offers to help her. Though Hawkeye still wants her to pay for her crimes, Alejandra and Johnny teleport away, taking the magic paralyzing amulet with them.

Solicit Synopsis

• GUEST STARRING HAWKEYE! • Ghost Rider, Hawkeye and Johnny Blaze face the twin furies Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance. • Can Alejandra learn to control the hellish power of the Spirit of Vengeance or will the whole planet be consumed in a cleansing firestorm?

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