Quote1 You did right by these people, Alejandra. All of them. Put the sin back into them, sure. But that don't make them bad. Just made them whole again. Everyone's got good and bad in them. Up to us how we use it. Quote2
-- Ghost Rider

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Ghost Rider bursts into a strip club and decapitates someone.

In the past, Alejandra and a boy escaped from the temple in Nicaragua at night. Alejandra tripped on a branch and tumbled with the boy down a hill, where they found themselves by a waterfall. The two then passionately kiss.

Back in the present, the head the Ghost Rider cut off belonged to the Seeker. The Ghost Rider orders him to give her more power so that she can break into Hell and take back the Nicaraguan's sin. The Seeker warns her that using the Ghost Rider for personal reasons will make Zarathos angry, but still informs her that Adam is the one who empowered her and he is still alive.

The Ghost Rider tracks him down and demands he give her more power. Proud that she is planning an assault on Hell, he happily obliges.

In the Nevada desert, just as Johnny is about to depart, Doctor Strange tells him that Alejandra is too weak to be allowed to possess the Spirit of Vengeance. Johnny knows that he must become the Ghost Rider again. Strange creates a portal for himself, Johnny, and several other heroes to travel through that will lead them to the Ghost Rider, but Johnny decides to go alone and shoots Strange in the foot so that he doesn't follow.

Outside the gates of Hell, a vastly powerful Ghost Rider defeats the demons guarding it and breaks her way in. Johnny enters Hell later on and finds it in ruins. Suddenly, he is surrounded by demons who threaten to kill him, but Johnny shows them his contract with Mephisto that proves he works for him. The demons let him go, but one of them mentions that his contract is a powerful weapon.

He proceeds onwards until he sees the Ghost Rider in the middle of a fight with Mephisto. Remembering what the demon said about his contract, Johnny takes it out again. Only this time, it turns into a bullet.

Despite her power upgrade, the Ghost Rider is still no match for Mephisto, who decides to kill her for attacking Hell. But before he does, he tells her that the reason he likes to involve himself with the Ghost Riders is because he finds it fun messing with a servant of God. Then, as he is about to strike her down, she reaches into his chest and rips out his beating heart. Now that she is in a position of power, she demands he give her the sins of the Nicaraguan people. He reminds her that reality will rip apart without a Hell, but she calls him on this, so he hands her a chest containing the Nicargua sins. She decides to kill him anyway, but she is stopped by Johnny, who fires the bullet into her skull, fullfilling his contract with Mephisto.

However, Alejandra changes back and falls off a ledge. She is able to save herself by grabbing onto a piece of the ledge, but she drops the chest in the process. Johnny comes to her aid, but she lets herself fall into the pit, believing that the people she was unable to help deserve vengeance. As she falls, a light shines around her and Johnny, who goes in after her. Shortly after, he emerges as the Ghost Rider with Alejandra in his arms.

In Nicaragua, the Ghost Rider tells Alejandra, whose skin is mostly burned and has a flaming skull like the Ghost Rider, that the huge amount of power that went from Alejandra to Johnny saved her when she fell into the pit of lava and some of that power is still in her. Alejandra calls herself a monster, so he shows her the Nicaraguan people, who now have their sin back, hoping this will make her realize she is not as bad as she believes. However, she is still mad at him for everything he put her through and rides away, declaring that his actions deserve vengeance. They both ride off in seperate directions.

Solicit Synopsis

• Final Giant-Sized Issue! • The Ghost Rider Declares War On Hell To Save The Souls Of Those She Has Damned, No Matter The Consequences! • Will Johnny Blaze Take On The Curse Of The Ghost Rider And Save Alejandra? Can She Even Be Saved?


This is the final issue of this volume of Ghost Rider.

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