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Quote1.png Why would I let you go? Freedom is for the reformed. If you were truly repentant -- truly changed -- you would not have damned human souls for your own gain. You would not have destroyed their lives. You would not have sent others to suffer the same fate you are trying to escape. All you have proven is that you are not rehabilitated. That you have learned nothing. That there is only one place for you... Hell. The Damnation Stare will decide your fate. If you truly deserve to be here -- to be forgiven -- it will have no effect on you. But if you aren't... then... back to where you belong. Quote2.png
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Appearing in "The King of Hell: Part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • NYPD
    • Detective Stacy
    • Humbolt (Possessed by an unidentified demon) (First and only known appearance; dies)
    • Numerous unnamed others
  • Emma


  • Demons
  • Vandella (Unnamed)
  • Mara (Unnamed)
  • Helvira (Unnamed)
  • Lilith

Other Characters:

  • Numerous unnamed New Yorkers
  • "Henry Hartley" (Hinronomules) (Mentioned) (Deceased) (Name first revealed)
  • Francis Ketch (Mentioned) (Deceased)
  • FDNY
  • Mephisto (Mentioned)
  • Unidentified demon that impersonated Francis Ketch (Referenced)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "The King of Hell: Part 2"

Johnny Blaze continues hunting down the escaped demons. He captures one and when interrogated, the hell spawn gave him a reason why the others escaped: to be free from the violence in Hell. Meanwhile, Stacy visits Danny’s bar, realizing he now lives there. She asks him about a regular customer of his named Henry Hartley, the man Blaze killed after revealing himself to be a demon, who was found burned, along with his apartment, and has eye witness accounts of a Ghost Rider sighting. Danny, shocked, only knew him as a good guy he liked. She then ask how much control he has over his Spirit and questions if it’s possible that he didn’t know what transpired. Danny denies this, telling her that he knows what the Ghost Rider has done even if he isn’t in control, remarking it wouldn’t do such a thing. Their conversation was interrupted when Stacy’s radio sounded off, requesting of her assistance and asks Danny if he could help her with the crime scene.

Back in Hell, Lilith’s new Lilin easily dispatches Blaze’s followers who were about to torture the one demon he condemned back. Lilith asks if the demon told Blaze where he and the others were going, of which he did. She approved it, commenting that the place they were heading is not for kings and is where Blaze will presumably die.

Blaze manages to find a group of demons in the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, revealing that they have devoured human souls and disguised themselves to walk on Earth. The FDNY, led by Humbolt, surrounded the ship awaiting orders to enter after the hostages are off. Humbolt gives Stacy the sitrep, letting her contact Danny if he was on the ship. He rejects, asking Emma to take charge of the bar, thinking how he can’t have a single day without becoming the Ghost Rider. The demons in the ship attempt to appeal Blaze for not damning them back if he would allow them to travel to the place Lilith mentions. Blaze responds that they don’t deserve to be set free and that Hell is where they belong. He unleashes the Damnation Stare, eviscerating the demons, sending them back to Hell. As he was about to complete the deed, Ketch arrives, stopping Blaze, commanding the others to escape. With the hostages out, Humbolt orders the squad to enter while a little possessed girl ask if he could be borrowed, transferring the possession to him. Blaze tries to convince Danny that the people he’s eliminating are demons, revealing that Henry was actually named Hinronomules, a 15th century mass murderer. Danny doesn’t believe him, telling that he would’ve sensed the demonic presence.

The police squad arrives, trying to take down both Ghost Riders. Blaze annihilates the possessed Humbolt, remarking how foolish they were to think that they would be let go. He then summons his bike, telling Danny if he doesn’t want to participate, he should stay away. Danny, reminded by what his supposed mother says, chases after Johnny throughout the city, jumping from building to building, dodging Blaze’s attacks. Johnny ends the pursuit on the Manhattan Bridge. Feeling a bit sympathetic and as the final straw, Johnny strips Danny off of his Spirit of Vengeance. Danny plummets into the water, seemingly drowning.

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It had to happen... Johnny versus Danny! But who does Mephisto have his money on?

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