Quote1.png I did it again, Mom. I was free and then I... I... I wish you would talk to me again, Mom. Tell me what's going on with Johnny. Please. Now I've got this thing inside me and it... it feels cold. I can feel it twisting and turning inside of me. Roiling in my guts, like a couple oily, mean as stink copperheads fighting each other, desperate to get out. To hurt. It's not like with the Spirit of Vengeance. The Spirit wanted to punish the guilty. This wants more. It screams to be fed. I don't know if I can hold it in. I'm so afraid of what it's going to turn me into and I just wish you could be here... ⚞SNIFF⚟ ...you could tell me it's going to be okay. Quote2.png
-- Danny Ketch

Appearing in "Hearts of Darkness II: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Hearts of Darkness II: Part 1"

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Just when Dan Ketch thought he was out, he finds himself in way over his head, with strange new abilities to boot! Guest starring Wolverine and the Punisher!


  • According to Mephisto, half of the strings attributed to him were actually being pulled by lesser demons using his visage, implying that the Mephistos who had approached Ben Reilly, Miles Morales, and Otto Octavius weren't really him, as he was still trapped in his prison cell then.

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