Pre-Cataclysmic Age


Hyborian Age

Inhabitants of the Pictish Wilderness, beyond the Black River, the Ghost Snakes were a race of serpents known to slither into huts and devour entire families of Picts.[citation needed]

Conan of Cimmeria encountered and slew a Ghost Snake when he faced the Pict Zogar Sag.[3]

Later in his life, whilst hunting Picts as retribution for the deaths of 17 Aquilonian settlers at Fort Tuscelan, Conan encountered a nest of Ghost Snakes. These snakes, led by the King Snake, were becoming increasingly violent in their attacks on a Pictish village. This village's shaman later recruited Conan to defeat the snakes alongside the Picts, and the King Snake was eventually slain.[1]


Type of Government: While, as animals, the Ghost Snakes have no real sapience, their 'leader' is the King Snake, implying some sort of Monarchical government
Representatives: King Snake

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