Mr. Page was a businessman who would stop at nothing to obtain what he wanted. In the fall of 1944, he visited the Sea Island Hotel, however the owner of the business was not interested in selling it to Page. Seeking to obtain it at a cheap price, Page then devised an elaborate method of frightening away visitors by leaving them to believe that the hotel was haunted.

Building a secret underwater hideout near the hotel, he wore a luminescent costume and acted as the "Ghost of Yesteryear", using projectors, spring loaded traps, and other gadgets to convince the guests that the location was haunted. He began his haunting during the early days of 1945. On the first night, he frightened a visitor in her bed, prompting her to leave the next day. The next day reporter Betty Dean and the Sub-Mariner arrived on the island for a vacation. When Page attacked more guests having dinner, he killed one of the patrons by firing off a spring loaded knife hidden in a wall panel. When Namor attempted to capture the ghost, he managed to flee into the water and escape through a secret passageway, leaving Namor to fend off an attacking shark.

Page then returned to the hotel as Betty and Namor began searching for secret passages. He then attacked Betty, but was once more confronted by the Sub-Mariner. Fleeing back into the ocean once more, Page allowed Namor to follow him back to his hideout. There he dropped Namor into a pit to battle an octopus while he returned to the hotel in an attempt to murder Betty. However, Namor managed to kill the octopus and come to Betty's aid. During the struggle, Page was pushed out a cliff side window and both he and Namor fell into the water below. The impact broke Page's neck, killing him and Namor unmasked him. Page was identified by the Sea Island Hotel's owner.[1]


When operating as the Ghost of Yesteryear, Page wore a luminescent costume, used projectors, and had various traps in his secret hideout, such as gates and trap doors. He had rigged the Sea Island Hotel with spring mounted knife throwing devices, and had trained a shark and octopus to attack his intended victims.

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