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Quote1.png None of us are who we seem to be, after all. These are children trained to one day be whoever is needed. Titans of industry. Elected leaders. Or perhaps just... double agents. Quote2.png
Dmitri Smerdyakov

Appearing in "Chameleon Conspiracy: Conclusion"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)




Synopsis for "Chameleon Conspiracy: Conclusion"

Spider-Man remembers back to Ned being framed as Hobgoblin, by the real Hobgoblin (Roderick Kingsley) as a decoy for the Foreigner. Even when helping to web swing Ned up to The Palace, Spider-Man is still wary given his life's normal crazy. Trusting this Ned's intuition, Spider-Man successfully webs the side of the Palace, but their arrival coincided with the Jack O'Lanterns' betrayal. Ned leaves to handle something whilst Spider-Man battles the split villain factions, butting in to free Jamie Tolentino from one of the Jack O' Lanterns. The one he struck and several of his partners then collectively reveal themselves as Chameleons, along with other supervillains in the casino. As the Chameleons race to recapture Jaime, Foreigner works with Chance's aid, and rehiring Slyde for double his pay, to reclaim Jaime.

At the secret base of Karl Fiers, he reveals to Teresa more of Dmitri's origin: abused and neglected by the Kravinoff family as a boy, Dmitri was visited and adopted by Gustav Fiers. Changing the scene of the area once more, Dmitri shows Teresa his training as a boy with his masks and wigs, and a class with other students. Strangely, Teresa knows the scene brought up, recognizing the students as Dmitri reveals that every child was handpicked for their skill, educated to be someone important in the world, revealing Teresa was one of them to be a double agent. As Teresa denies this, Fiers notes how wrong she is: maybe she was rescued from the plane crash that killed Richard and Mary, or she was a found orphan trained by Fiers, or maybe even the child of Chameleons who killed and replaced Richard and Mary Parker-- all factors malleable to change and belief.

As Foreigner and the REAL Jack O'Lantern fight the Chameleons, Chance races to recollect Catalyst and The Clairvoyant devices. As one of the Chameleons struggles to lift the massive power source, Chance bargains they return with it to the Palace so the Chameleon agent can at least live longer. Inside, Ned confronts the Foreigner, while Spider-Man leaves Jaime somewhere safe, blaming himself for not seeing these events beforehand, the whole purpose of the Clairvoyant. However, as the Grizzly-Chameleon finds Jaime, Slyde rescues him before capture, while Grizzly-Chameleon is ordered by Finisher to shut down the palace. The other Chameleon agents remove and toss out the power cells keeping the casino in the air, forcing the casino to fall to Earth; an opportunity Ned refuses to amend, as either way wound result in killing Foreigner.

As Teresa rebukes them, citing the picture[1], Dmitri argues how a Chameleon disappears into their role, thus Teresa maybe planted the photo to "discover" it later. Dmitri also ponders the possibility that she had help and didn't know it, while morphed as the Nick Fury she knew. A panicked Teresa doubts what is happening, which Dmitri confirms as she and he never left his cell, where Fiers communicates through a holographic projection. Fiers promises the full truth about Teresa's past if she delivers him the Clairvoyant, explaining to the surprised Teresa that she told him of it and Dmitri will have more instructions for her. Alone, Teresa screams that Chameleon shut up as he tries to convince her that she IS one of his comrades. Knowing the mental anguish she's going through, having gone through the same, Dmitri informs her that with the Clairvoyant she can find her own answer without Fiers, as seeing the future is like knowing your past.

After Spider-Man retrieves the Catalyst and Clairvoyant, he rescues Jaime from Slyde, then finds Ned brutalizing Foreigner, raging that he lost years with Betty faking his death. Spider-Man stops him to have him help Jaime re-power the Palace to stop the crash. With the connection stable and Spider-Man pulling up on the throttle, a crash into New York is averted and the casino lands in a forested area. Once outside, a regretful Jaime reflects on his original intentions with the Clairvoyant, compared to his practical usage having attracted master criminals. With no idea other than destroying it, Jaime instead hands the device to Spider-Man to find a better use for it. With Ned angry that Foreigner escaped capture, Spider-Man instead convinces him to return to Betty, finally choosing to trust him now that he's back.

Teresa affirming who she is in her hunt to bring Karl Fiers to justice.

Reflecting on events, Peter is greeted by Teresa back in New York City after "attending to business." Unsure what to do with the Clairvoyant, he gives it to her for hiding, and Teresa gives Peter a hug telling him she loves him. As Peter leaves, she recalls leaving Chameleon in his prison cell, Dmitri saying he had no reason to leave. While she can easily return to force him to tell her the truth, after the narrative Fiers gave, her only fear is that Dmitri does have the answer: IF he was right and she was a Chameleon agents, such a truth would break her. Questioning herself and fearing she would be the thing she hated most, a truth too terrible to face. The only part she believed from Fiers was that everyone had the power to choose who and what they are, so she destroys the Clairvoyant and affirms in herself that she IS Peter Parker's sister as well the daughter of Richard and Mary Parker. Flying off, Teresa knows that Fiers is still out in the world and aims to find him.

Meanwhile, Silver Sable has fully recovered and charters a private jet out of Symkaria to New York with her Wild Pack. When asked her reasons for the trip, she explains that it is regarding her finances, with the collection process in effect. Meanwhile, Foreigner is raging in the Palace that his accounts were emptied, blaming both Spider-Man and Ned Leeds, but still hiring Taskmaster and Black Ant for his payback promising at any cost. As Dmitri reads Tolstoy in his cell, he calls out his shadow hiding visitor, demanding a serum from Chameleon. Smarmy at his beggar's want for the serum to keep up appearances, the visitor reveals himself as Kindred, threatening Dmitri mind his manners as the demon knows his true face. Chameleon assures him he means well, and is happy doing business with him again.

Elsewhere in some remote location in the Savage Land, Doctor Octopus finds Kraven The Hunter and Electro kills Kraven's prey. However, when the hunter readies to retaliate, Otto instead gives him an opportunity to join him: he offers Kraven the chance to hunt The Lizard. Kraven agrees, ignorant that The Lizard is Octavius' next recruit.

Solicit Synopsis

• The epic conclusion of THE CHAMELEON CONSPIRACY!

• If you thought the end of "King's Ransom" shook Spider-Man to the core, you better think again as this ending will level things up.

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