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Quote1 And I realized... He was right. That if I were to do the impossible--To bring someone back to life--You would never forgive me--for choosing you. I have to let you go, Vanessa. I--I have to move on with my life. But to do so, I must know your spirit has found peace. You died of a broken heart, because of something you did, out of loyalty and love... for me. Something no mother should ever have to do. But today, I will make that right. I will try to atone for all my sins that brought you so much pain and destroyed our family. Instead of satisfying my own selfish desires, I will honor your dying wish. Today, your son's life is restored. Today, the Rose blooms once more. Quote2
Wilson Fisk

Appearing in "King's Ransom: Conclusion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Mutants
  • Tsiln (Only in flashback)
  • Demons (Only in flashback)
  • Centipedes (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for "King's Ransom: Conclusion"

Once appraised of Spider-Man's reason for their summons, the heroes debate accepting because they really hate Boomerang, despite Spider-Man vouching for Fred's character development. Having tracked him through Gog to the underground den of Vermin, where ironically the last piece is, the only obstacle is every crime lord around the manhole cover entrance, and Mister Negative calling a truce among the criminals. However, they are quick to question Spider-Man, as how there's always something going on with him, and he never responds to their group emails or joins their reunion parties, also covered in the emails. With their talk, Spider-Man realized he ghosted many friends just to solo handle his life crises. As they reassure him of their still being friends, they jump in fighting the gangsters to allow Spider-Man enter Vermin's lair.

As Spider-Man is again appreciative of his amazing friends helping him whilst he goes to rescue Boomerang, he gets a call from Jonah, who reveals he set up a live studio audience for TNM's First Livestream Watch party. He also sent out Spider Slayers piloted by TNM patrons to aid Peter's fellow Avengers fighting the gangsters much to their confusion, Spider-Woman's most of all. However, some pilots turn on each other like toxic gamers and cause massive property damage, a new ignominious moment for Jonah. Once he found Boomerang, Spider-Man opened up on his losses and near-losses, resonating on the idea that they need people in their lives. As he finished, The Boomerang Revenge Squad arrived, and are shortly defeated.

As Fisk arrives at the scene in hopes of completing the full tablet, he is shocked to find his Tablet fragments stolen, unaware they were taken by Black Cat, having created a fake identity to get in close and pull off the heist. She meets with Spider-Man to hand him the penultimate fragment before heading to their rendezvous point, and the duo make it to the last piece, where a mystical guardian tests which of them is a true hero to take the fragment. While Fred thinks walks forward, Spider-Man stops him given his past and goes instead. As he remembers his recent history with Kindred, Jonah calls him on a private channel saying this is his chance to prove to the world he's a hero. But reflecting on his dance of heroism with money, repeating the balance and recalling how Uncle Ben died, Spider-Man apologizes and deactivates his suit to cut the feed. Fearing himself unworthy, he finds that he still passed the test, and is blindsided by the Revenge Squad knocking him into the water where Fred takes the fragment.

Peter wakes up back to his apartment, rescued by Felicia who returned after he didn't show and provides the note Fred left for Peter. In it, Fred divulges that while archivist Gus Mapleton DID enlist him to find the fragments, Fisk got to Fred first after suspecting that Gus was holding out. When Gus did impart the knowledge of the fragments, Fisk's men murdered him against Fred's wishes. But Gus's dying words warned Fred that the last fragment would kill anyone not a "true hero". So, to avoid that, Fred answered Peter Parker's roommate ad to get close to Spider-Man and he intentionally antagonized Fisk to make a legitimate scenario for befriending both. Although apologetic in his writing, Fred still aimed to complete his job and get his life back to how it originally was.

Elsewhere, the Bar with No Name celebrates Fred's success at the job, but he still quietly felt depressed about his betraying Peter and Spider-Man's friendship. Under pretense of evicting Peter & his roommates due to repeated supervillain attacks, Peter's Avenger friends arrive. While Peter thinks Fisk aimed to resurrect his dead wife wasn't much of a problem, they inform Peter what happened. At Fisk's estate, his searching for the way to revive Vanessa shifted. As after hearing Kindred's harsh words of whether she would want to return to him, Fisk came to an epiphany and chose another. Someone who's revival would act as redemption for her as well as him. Fisk instead chose to resurrect his son, Richard Fisk, The Rose.

Solicit Synopsis

• Everything comes down to this!

• Kingpin’s quest that violates all natural law!

• Tombstone and Robbie Robertson’s years’ old enmity!

• Randy Robertson and Beetle’s timeless love!

• Boomerang’s scheme!

• Spider-Man’s whole status quo!

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