Quote1 Thanks for the workout gents -- it's been a blast. Quote2
-- Daredevil

Appearing in "Electro, and his Emissaries of Evil"

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Synopsis for "Electro, and his Emissaries of Evil"

Daredevil battles five of his most dangerous foes when Electro brings them together as the Emissaries of Evil. (Reprints Daredevil Special #1.

Appearing in "The Explanation"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "The Explanation"

An explanation about Matt Murdock's "brother" Mike.

Appearing in "Inside Daredevil"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Inside Daredevil"

A closer look at the Man Without Fear and his hyper-senses.

Appearing in "Blue Print for a Billy Club"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Blue Print for a Billy Club"

A diagramed examination of Daredevil's favorite weapon.

Appearing in "At the stroke of Midnight!"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "At the stroke of Midnight!"

A humorous and zany story conference between Stan Lee and Gene Colan.


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