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Appearing in "Too Cold a Night for Dying!"

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Synopsis for "Too Cold a Night for Dying!"

When Kyle Richmond and Trisha Starr are the victims of a car-bomb, the two are admitted to a hospital in critical condition. Both the Defenders and Yellowjacket (knowing Starr personally) seek out their attackers. Thinking it was his old foe, Egghead, who is also Trisha's uncle, Yellowjacket tracks him down and attacks him. He discovers that the down-on-his-luck Egghead blamed his niece for his misfortunes and, while not wanting to kill her, wanted to maim her in order to teach her a lesson.

The Defenders, not realizing that Yellowjacket had already tracked down the man responsible, try to locate those behind the attack on their teammate. The Defenders somehow learn that the Squadron Sinister hadreturned from their last defeat, and mistakenly believe that they had attacked their former teammate, Richmond, who (as Nighthawk) was a member of the Squadron Sinister. The Defenders are easily defeated and made prisoner. With the help of Yellowjacket, however, they free themselves and defeat the Squadron.

Both Kyle and Trisha survived the attack, but Trish lost her left arm. Later, when they are released from hospital, Trisha decides to end her relationship with Kyle, finding his life of super-heroics too much to handle and not wanting him to feel that he has to stay with her out of pity.

Appearing in "Untitled Sub-Mariner Story"

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  • Unidentified Captain
  • Roberts



  • Vultee V-12A

Synopsis for "Untitled Sub-Mariner Story"

Story reprinted from Human Torch Comics #4

Appearing in "Witchcraft in the Wax Museum"

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Synopsis for "Witchcraft in the Wax Museum"

Story reprinted from Strange Tales #121


  • In this issue, Trish Starr is maimed an automobile sabotage and loses her arm.

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