Appearing in "The Art of Dying"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Operator Six


Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Art of Dying"

France, the 1930's: An unnamed government agent lives in fear as he is being stalked by the vampire lord Dracula. As he prepares himself for what will be his final conflict with Dracula, he recalls the events that brought him to this moment:

Working national security, the man would travel from France to England and happen upon one of his superiors agreeing to work with Dracula. The agent would then kill the traitor and try to flee Dracula, Dracula would catch him and begin to feed upon him.

He would avoid death by shooting Dracula in the face with his gun and fleeing the scene. Knowing that the vampire would not rest until he was dead, the agent would flee into Switzerland and attempt to lose Dracula. However, one night Dracula would find him and attempt to get revenge.

While elsewhere up in the sky flying from Germany is a zeppelin owned by Polcary Evanns, who after having too much to drink gets into an argument with his wife Eleanor. This irks Aaron Schmidt his navigator, who grew up in a household with an abusive alcoholic father, and he strikes Polcary before storming out. While Pol apologizes to his wife, blaming his problems on horrible dreams, Aaron goes to the captains deck and deals with his own anger. As they head toward "dream mountain" in Switzerland, Aaron goes to get some fresh air. Meanwhile, Polcary suddenly snaps into his abusive behavior and accuses Eleanor of loving Aaron and slaps her. Snapping out of it, Pol apologizes and runs out of the room where he runs into Aaron. Snapping again, he suddenly pulls a knife, and stabs Aaron and tosses Aaron's body from the zeppelin. Eleanor and the crew show up to try and calm him down, however Pol only grabs his own wife and keeps the other men at bay by keeping her at knife point and demands the crew to continue on with their flight even though they are flying into a snowstorm.

Back in Switzerland, Dracula pounces on the agent and manages to once more begin feeding upon him. However, Dracula's revenge is incomplete as he must flee when the sun begins to rise. That morning he is found by Father Wetzel who takes him in, dresses his wound and gives him a hot meal. When the agent tells the priest about his plight and the father convinces him to keep on struggling to get away from Dracula as hiding in the church for the rest of his life would hardly be a suitable solution.

Deciding to travel through the mountains, the agent would soon find himself struggling through a blizzard and when he stops to get a fire going for the night is once more confronted by Dracula. Before Dracula can attack however, they both spot Polcary's zeppelin which is flying overhead. Inside the zeppelin, Polcary spots the two men on the ground and demands that they drop a rope ladder and let them aboard as this was something that he saw in his dream.

The agent comes aboard, and before he can warn them Pol invites Dracula inside. Dracula then tries to attack the agent, but he is prepared with a vial of holy water and splashes Dracula in the face with it. Dracula turns into bat form and flies away. Explaining the situation to the crew and the increasingly unstable Pol, the agent is knocked out by Pol. Pol then demands his crew to go looking for Dracula, leaving Eleanor, the agent and the ship pilot alone.

Dracula returns to the room and feeds upon the captain before he begins feeding on Eleanor. Pol reenters the room and sees Dracula feeding on his wife and attacks. As the two fight the agent revives and notices that the zeppelin is about to crash and tries to lead Eleanor to safety. They would be too late to abandon ship, and the zeppelin crashes into the side of a mountain. It's resulting explosion throws the agent and Eleanor from the crash and both survive. Giving Eleanor his parka, the agent and the newly widowed woman -- convinced that nobody else survived the crash -- leave the wreckage.

Appearing in "Dark Asylum!"

Featured Characters:

  • Keith Starr


  • "devil-dog" (werewolf-like creature) (Death) (Dream)
  • Lydia (demoness) (Dream)
  • Zok (wizard, turns out to be Keith Starr himself) (Dream)


  • unnamed castle (Dream)
  • Hellburg Asylum for the Insane

Synopsis for "Dark Asylum!"

This story takes place within the hallucinations of a man within an asylum suffering mental imbalance. He meets two characters in his dream world that are based upon the asylum's doctor and nurse who encourage him to fight the 'wizard' that is 'denying his freedom' with his 'mind'. When he confronts the robed wizard and pulls back his cowl, the man finds himself staring at himself. He sends the wizard hurling to his doom, as the man lying in a cot straight-jacketed at asylum relaxes with a smile on his face. Watching him, the nurse comments that it is almost like he has triumphed over himself.

Appearing in "The Hidden Vampire"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Hidden Vampire"

reprinted from Journey Into Mystery #21

Appearing in "They Fly By Night"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "They Fly By Night"

reprinted from Adventures into Terror #30


  • In "Dark Asylum!" plot by Isabella, script by Kraft.

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