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About to end his patrols for the night, Spider-Man spots a flashing light coming from a nearby demolition site. He quickly recognizes it as Morse Code and deciphers it as a message for help to him by something called Desinna. When he arrives on the demolition site, he is attacked by a strange silver skinned woman who speaks in a strange language. When he tries to web the woman up, she deflects it with a force field. Seeing that he can't-do anything to stop this woman, she suddenly pulls out a translator and introduces herself as Desinna, the person who needs her help. She brings him to the cornerstone of the building that used to stand there. He recognizes their location as a well-known building constructed in the year 1934. When he asks her what this is all about, she uses her device to project images from the year 1934....

Spider-Man witnesses the cornerstone ceremony that was held on the final day of the building's construction in 1934. Among the people in the crowd is Doc Savage and his Fabulous Five. Suddenly, Doc Savage and his allies spot a would-be assassin preparing to shoot newly elected Mayor LaGuardia. Leaping into action, Doc Savage manages to stop the killer before he can complete his mission. With the danger over, the mayor and the police commissioner head back to city hall, and Doc Savage and his allies return to their offices located in the Empire State Building. Along the way, Doc Samson questions if they were sent there for a reason, as he received a strange note the night before that was initially dismissed as a hoax. In his lab, Savage examines the note and discovers that it is made out of some strange material that feels like paper but is indestructible. He tells his colleagues that his suspicions that this note came from a world beyond their own. He suspects that whatever they were summoned to investigate was to happen that evening.

... In the present, Spider-Man is impressed to see these heroes from the 1930s, but questions how this will affect them. Before Desinna can explain the danger the ground around them begins to quake. Spider-Man tries to get them to safety, but falling debris strikes Desinna, knocking her out. Suddenly, a massive phantom creature emerges from the condemned building and attacks. Spider-Man quickly puts Desinna aside so he can focus on their attacker. Ultimately, Spider-Man manages to disrupt the massive being's energy form by throwing a jackhammer at it. By this point, Desinna has recovered and continues to explain the events from 1934, telling the wall-crawler that she was the one that sent Doc Savage the letter. She then begins projecting images from the year 1934 once more...

.... In 1934, Doc Savage and his colleagues arrive at the construction site of the building in question. No sooner have they arrived that Desinna appears before them. Both Renny and Long Tom take an immediate interest in the exotic woman. Doc Savage cuts to the point and demands to know what Desinna wants. She explains that she comes from a parallel world that exists in another dimension. In her dimension that exists in time and endures in space, the opposite of this universe. She explains that her world of Saku is a world where all time is the same, but space constantly changes. She explains that she was running experiments to explore sub-space with her assistant Terros. Showing her his latest invention, a prototype space-time device, he tripped and fell into the beam. as a result, it created an electrical aura of himself that was transported to Earth's dimension where he threatens to destroy that realm as he travels backward in time. Learning what she could, Desinna traveled to that dimension to a point in time before Terros appeared in order to get allies to stop him. No sooner has she finished her explanation does the electrical aura of Terros appears and grabs Desinna. Doc Savage and his allies free her and attempt to subdue their attacker.

While Doc Savage, Renny, Monk and Ham, try to keep their foe at bay, Johnny and Long Tom rush back to their headquarters on their rocket sleds. Doc Savage fights fiercely against their foe, the pair manage to launch a missile that brings Savage and his friend's fire extinguishers. Doc Savage then sprays the electrical aura of Tarros, forcing him into the cornerstone of the building, trapping him inside. Watching this from the present, Spider-Man is told that Desinna came to his era to make sure that Tarros isn't freed when the building is demolished. She then insists that Spider-Man destroy Terros. However, he surprises her by freeing Tarros from the cornerstone instead. Tarros appears to thank Spider-Man before disappearing, much to the frustration of Desinna. Spider-Man explains that he saw through her ploy, unlike Doc Savage, who would have been more inclined to take Desinna at her word due to the opinions toward women during his era. He explains that he studied comparative languages and figured out the gist of what Desinna and Terros were saying in their native tongue. Although he isn't sure of what was really going on, Spider-Man realizes that Desinna was responsible for sending Terros into this dimension. Suddenly, Desinna is transported back to her dimension by Terros to face her punishment. Leaping away, Spider-Man catches a glimpse of Doc Savage and the Fabulous Five, and tells them he doesn't fault them for being easily fooled, as everyone is a product of their time.

Appearing in "Duel with Daredevil"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #16.

Synopsis for "Duel with Daredevil"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #16.


Continuity Notes

  • This story states that the Modern Age portion of this story takes place on October 7, 1974. This date should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Likewise should any reference of the amount of years between the 1934 portion of the story and the modern age.
  • Spider-Man compares this quake with the one caused by the City-Stealers in the recent past. He is referring to the events of Marvel Team-Up #28.

Publication Notes

  • This story has not been reprinted since its original publication due to the fact that Marvel no longer maintains the licensing rights to the Doc Savage franchise.

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