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While web-slinging through the city, Spider-Man realizes that he needs to get away from New York, and sort out the state of his life. He happens to see a news reports concerning the Man-Thing's activities in Florida, and decides to try and convince J. Jonah Jameson to send Peter Parker out to Florida to try and get pictures of the monster. After convincing Jameson, Peter calls his old friend Dr. Curt Connors, who agrees to to help him out, since he lives in Florida. Next, Peter calls Mary Jane, who is excited that he's called her, but disappointed when he tells her he's leaving town for a few days. She quickly hides this disappointment when her Aunt Anna enters the room.

Meanwhile in Florida, Curt Connors accidentally knocks over a beaker containing a chemical mixture, the gas from which causes him to once more turn into The Lizard. He attacks Connors's wife, before returning to the swamps. Once there, the Lizard rants about making lizards the dominant life form on the planet. Upon seeing the Man-Thing, he realizes the creature poses a threat to his plans.

Before leaving New York for Florida, Peter pays a visit to Gwen Stacy, and apologizes for his behavior following her sudden "resurrection". Meanwhile in Florida, Edmond Arnstead, a down-and-out bio-chemist who has become bankrupt due to the recent recession, has come to the swamps in order to commit suicide. Before he can do that, he is saved by the Man-Thing, the bog-beast being attracted to his emotions and the arrival of a huge alligator. Realizing that he's discovered the location of the Man-Thing, Arnstead realizes the money making potential and leaves the scene via his car.

Elsewhere, Spider-Man has finally reached Florida, but before he can arrive at the Connors home, he's suddenly attacked by The Lizard. However, with Martha Connors's help, Spider-Man is able to gain the upper hand against the creature and bind him with his webbing. With the Lizard incapacitated, they debate on how best to deal with him.

Elsewhere in the swamp, Edmond has been tracking the Man-Thing, figuring that if he can somehow capture it, he can make money off the creature. He follows the bog-beast, as it and various lizards are drawn to The Lizard's mental commands for aid. When the various amphibious creatures and the Man-Thing arrive on the Connors property, Spider-Man mistakenly attacks the Man-Thing, while the lizards free The Lizard.

When Spider-Man realizes what's really going on, he attacks The Lizard, with an assist from the Man-Thing. Meanwhile, after Edmond is informed that Connors and The Lizard are one and the same, he has the Doctor's wife take him to the lab, where Edmond uses his scientific knowledge to come up with a cure.

Upon arriving in the middle of the battle, Edmond almost drops the cure, but Spider-Man saves it from a spill with his webbing and proceeds to use it on the Lizard, who transforms back into Curt Connors. With the mental control gone, the various lizards and the Man-Thing return to the swamp. Edmond tells all present that until he met the Man-Thing he figured his life was over, but now has given things a second thought and is going to give life a second chance.

Appearing in "Where Flies the Beetle...!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #21.

Synopsis for "Where Flies the Beetle...!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #21.


Continuity Notes

  • There are multiple references to the issues with Gwen Stacy:
  • The newscaster recounts the Man-Thing's attack at the F.A. Schist construction site. That happened in Fear #16.
  • Curt Connors knows who Peter Parker is because Spider-Man "told" him about Parker the last time they met. That was in Marvel Team-Up #1920. Connors has been an ally to Spider-Man (whenever he is not the Lizard) since Amazing Spider-Man #6.
  • Peter apologizes for acting like a fool when he first met the Gwen Stacy clone. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #145.
  • The appearance of President Gerald Ford on the television should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. Likewise, should the references to Edmond Armstead starting his career after World War II and was being affected by the recession of 1973-1975.
  • Edmond remembers the Man-Thing from the news reports of when he was in captivity in New York. That happened in Giant-Size Man-Thing #2.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:



  • Previous Appearance of Page 3, Panel 3 Page 3, Panel 3 Next Appearance of Page 3, Panel 3 - Curt Connors turns into the Lizard again.
  • Previous Appearance of Page 15-30 Page 15-30 Next Appearance of Page 15-30 - Spider-Man battles the Lizard and Man-Thing.

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