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Quote1 (To Doctor Doom) Together we could rule the world which has rejected us both! Quote2

Appearing in "Encounter at Land's End! Part 1: Sub-Mariner Rising!"

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  • Undetermined Ocean



Synopsis for "Encounter at Land's End! Part 1: Sub-Mariner Rising!"

Dr. Doom's body crashes to Earth, his unconscious body crashing in the ocean. He is found by the Sub-Mariner, who takes the Latverian monarch into his submarine and uses it's equipment to revive him. At first Dr. Doom considers Namor an enemy, however the Atlantean monarch convinces Doom not to fight and they begin to ponder over the possibility of having an alliance together.

Appearing in "Part 2: In the Darkness Dwells Doom!"

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Synopsis for "Part 2: In the Darkness Dwells Doom!"

While pondering his proposed alliance with Doctor Doom, the Sub-Mariner recalls one of his earlier meetings with von Doom in Sub-Mariner #20.

It was a point in time in which aliens from the planet Alpha Centauri had used their alien technology to close off Namor's gills forcing him to constantly live on the surface. Stuck in New York City, the monarch loses his temper while fleeing from soldiers. After saving a boy from falling out of a window, the soldiers catch up to him. Fighting them off, Namor happens to stumble upon the Latverian embassy. Dr. Doom, witnessing the situation from within, opens the gates and allows Namor to enter.

After testing Namor's battle skills, he offers an alliance so that the two may take over the world. Namor rejects this notion in spite of their prior team-ups and his past history of launching invasions of the surface world. Doom decides to keep Namor against his will and has his men remove every trace of water so that the Sub-Mariner cannot replenish his strength.

When Namor tries to escape, Doctor Doom and his men try to stop Namor from escaping. In spit of his weakened condition, Namor is able to fight off Doom's men and hold his own in a one-on-one battle against Dr. Doom.

Doom however defeats Namor with one of his devices, but the monarch had actually feigned defeat and rips off one of the device tendrils causing a fire. As he hoped, the fire draws the attention of a fire truck which sprays water into the Latverian embassy, drenching Namor with water and restoring his full strength. Revitalized Namor escapes from Doom's clutches.

With his recollection over, Namor tells Doom that he has no army to offer as his subjects are all in suspended animation. Without a large army of his own, Dr. Doom also ponders the prospect of teaming up with Namor....

Appearing in "Part 3: This Man... This Demon!"

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Synopsis for "Part 3: This Man... This Demon!"

Doom also contemplates the proposed alliance with the Sub-Mariner. However he recalls how a similar proposition with Diablo met with great disaster in Marvel Super-Heroes #20.

During this time, Doom was testing out a new machine that could create simulations of the Fantastic Four, to hone his strength and abilities. He is visited by Diablo, another foe of the Fantastic Four, who proposes an alliance. Doom rebuffs this suggestion at first, however after a display of power, and showing Doom that he can offer him Valeria -- the girl he loved and lost many years ago, and lost due to his lust for power.

After much pondering, Doom decides that he will accept Diablo's offer of working together and the two begin their plot to take over the world. Their first stop is Doom's castle in the United States which is under military protection and to fight off the soldiers there so that they might regain control of Dr. Doom's time machine. However, when he learns of Diablo's intent to change history, Doom considers the alchemist a madman and seals himself and Valeria in a force field.

Deciding to fight off Diablo, Dr. Doom confronts him and in the end hurtles the alchemist centuries into the distant future where he is trapped on a dead world where humanity and all life of the planet has long since been extinguished.

Afterwords, Doom tries to bring Valeria close to him, but she rejects him, realizing that the Victor von Doom that she once loved is long gone, and so she walks away from the monarch of Latveria, leaving him hopelessly alone.

Appearing in "Encounter at Land's End! Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Encounter at Land's End! Part 4"

Following his recollection of his encounter with Diablo, Dr. Doom decides that if they worked together ultimately one would betray the other and decides not to team-up. The two have a brief battle aboard the submarine, however Doom finds that he is outmatched and so he escapes. In the aftermath, Namor figures that soon they will end up working together, and that they will someday conquer the Earth.


  • As seen on page one, the overall title of this issue is Encounter at Lands End. This issue is broken into three distinct stories, two are reprints of previous stories, one interlude, and a small conclusion to the story entitled simply "Chapter 4". All parts were done by the creative team of writer Roy Thomas and artists John Buscema and Joe Sinnott. Artie Simek and Janice Cohen provided the lettering and coloring respectively.
    • "Encounter at Lands End" (1st page only)
    • "Submariner Rising, Chapter One"
    • "Interlude"
    • "Chapter Four"
  • Panels 3-5 of Page 11 as well as panels 1 and 2 of Page 12 are deleted from the original story from Sub-Mariner #20.
  • This issue contains an editorial page entitled "The Road to Land's End" with information presented by writer/editor Roy Thomas.

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