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-- Doctor Doom

Appearing in "To Bestride the World"

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Synopsis for "To Bestride the World"

A new super-cruise ship called the S.S. Typhoeus has it's voyage interrupted by the arrival of Namor the Sub-Mariner who demands that the vessel turn around and return to it's original port of departure or suffer his wrath. When they fail to comply, he sinks the boat and leaves the passengers stranded out at sea before returning to Atlantis. There the Sub-Mariner laments over the fact that all his people are still trapped in suspended animation.

Atlantis is suddenly attacked by an army of surface dwellers and Namor soon learns that the attack is orchestrated by Dr. Doom who wished to get the under-sea monarchs attention so that he may come to the surface and discuss matters with Doom.

Meeting with Doom aboard one of his airships, the two discuss the prospect of working together and both agree to do so. Doom shows Namor an army of androids that they would use in a campaign across the planet. However, things are interrupted when his first Doomsman android, worshiped by the others changes his name to Omega and plans a revolt against Doom in a bid for conquest of the Earth for machines.

However, the two monarchs manage to fight off the android invaders. During a one-on-one fight Doom learns that his Doomsman managed to escape being trapped in an alternate reality by a chance encounter with the Thing and Lockjaw and invisibly hitching a ride with them back to Earth's dimension. As the fight progresses on, Andro finds that Doom is still too powerful for him and so he teleports away. Doom and Namor then reprogram the other androids so that they cannot be manipulated by Andro and continue plotting their conquest of the Earth.

Appearing in "The Living Brain"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #8.

Synopsis for "The Living Brain"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Amazing Spider-Man #8.


  • Cover Image of Doctor Doom was used for marketing his 1975 Slurpee Cup.
  • This is the last Giant-Size issue of Super-Villain Team-Up. A regular series, Super-Villain Team-Up, will begin running 17 issues.

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