Pre-Cataclysmic Age

These monsters once prowled the swamps of time-lost Lemuria.[1]

Hyborian Age

A giant slug dwelt in the deep caverns below the Valley of the Sun. Attracted by gold, it chased Conan and Juma to the surface, where it devoured the golden body of Rotath of Lemuria.[1]

Modern Age

While exploring an island out in the Pacific Ocean, the Avengers and Falcon were attacked by a giant slug, which they eventually managed to fight off.[2]

Remy Lebeau once reminisced about facing a giant slug in a New Orleans cemetery in his youth, during an extended period when the graveyards were rife with monsters and undead of various kinds.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Giant slugs can absorb the repulsor rays of Iron Man Armor MK IV.[2]


Habitat: Swamps[2]

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