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The giant spiders were many species of gigantic spiders dwelling Earth, notably during the Hyborian Age. At least some species lived in Zamora.[1]

Some of them have been confused for deities, while a few deities appeared as giant spiders.


Hyborian Age

After his daughters were enslaved by pirate captain Dalvate, and that he was himself tortured for days and nights, then cast overboard the ship, almost lifeless, Reimos recovered physically, but became mad. He served the Black Gods of R'lyeh, the Old Ones, the Goat with a Thousand Young, and the children of Great Cthulhu, and seemingly interacted with some of them. In exchange, they gave him a web-envelopped castle inhabited by giant spiders, making of him King Reimos. Mad with dark ambitions over the world, the castle, the spiders, and seemingly Reimos were all destroyed by fire by Conan.[4]



Long-Legs, the Spider God of Jaffa Island, Zoroaster, Teena[5]

Omm, the Spider-God[6] and Zath[7] were deities in the form of giant spiders, while Kah-Tah-Dhen the Decapitating God, the Mother of Spiders, could be either.[8]


Though some deities existed under the form of giant spiders, such as Omm, the Spider-God of Yezud in Zamora,[6] or Zath,[7] also from Yezud, many seemingly genuine giant spiders were also worshiped as gods: Kah-Tah-Dhen the Decapitating God, the Mother of Spiders (worshiped in Lemuria and Shem),[8] Long-Legs (worshiped by the Killer-Folk of Dinosaur World),[9] or the Spider God of Jaffa Island.[10]

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