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This page is about various species of large-sized squid

The giant squid, or Architeuthis dux is one of many species of gigantic squid.[1] The various monsters described as giants squids mentioned on this page can't all be clearly classified into a species or genus.


Modern Age

While Hawkeye and Quicksilver were fleeing from Attuma's patrol ships, they came across a giant squid. They managed to evade its tentacles, so the monster caught their pursuers instead.[2]

A giant squid, attracted by a whirlpool, attacked the space capsule Castor-and-Pollux I during the splashdown, but it was forced to flee by the Sub-Mariner.[3]

Giant squids were also employed in Attuma's invading force, as they were commanded by the Red Ghost.[4]

Years later, Sid Saggio was pulled off a pier and crushed to death by a giant squid in Brooklyn.[5] A few months later, a giant squid attacked the Hulk as he was approaching Monster Island.[6]

The Aqueos, underwater Vampires, included giant squids.[7]

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