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Quote1 There are many breeds of Giants in Jotunheim. Mountain Giants. Storm Giants. Brine Giants in their shanties made of smashed ships. Man-eating Lard Giants and black-winged Shadow Giants and warrior She-Giants with spears that could touch the cloud. But since the beginning of time, there has always been one race of Giants more fearsome than all the rest. Giants, they say, that even Gods have learned to fear. The Frost Giants. Lords of the rime and the cold. Quote2


Many types of Giants dwell in the Realm of Asgard, and mostly in Jotunheim. The Giants of Jothunheim are also known as Etins,[1] Jotunkind,[2] Giantkind,[3] Jotnar,[2] Jötunn,[4] or Jotuns.[citation needed]

There is no known relation between the Giants of Otherworld, and the Giants of Jotunheim (nor the Gigantes).[5] Some of those are originated from Niffleheim, where was born Ymir,[6] and some still live there.[7]

The shape-shifting giantess Angerboda, born to the Elderspawn Vârcolac and Echidna (respectively spawn of the Elder Gods Chthon and Set),[8] was considered a giant of Jotunheim.[9]

Human-sized Giants of Jotunheim[]

Some giants are of reduced height,[10] like Solveig,[3] Bragmir,[11] or Sludge.[12] Some are even human-sized (or god-sized), like Knorda,[13] Loki,[14][15] the hybrid Skurge,[16] and possibly Jack Frost.[17]

Races of Giants of Jotunheim[]