Gib is the last of the Gibborim left on Earth.

Quote1 I am all that is left of the Gibborim. I am alone, and I hunger. Quote2
-- Gib src

Gib and his nestmates Bo and Rim were the children of the previous trinity of Gibborim. After the Pride cleansed it of nearly all humanity, the Seed of the Gibborim were meant to inherit the Earth empowered and fed by the billions of sacrificed souls.[2] Unfortunately for them, the Runaways stopped their parents' Rite of Thunder, freed the soul of Destiny Gonzales, and trapped the Gibborim in Limbo.[3][2]

Gib (Earth-616) and Chase Stein (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 5 14 001

Gib guarding the Runaways in the Hostel

Instead of awakening from their chrysalises fortified with the power of billions of sacrificed souls, the Seed of the Gibborim woke up hungry, weak, short, and alone. Angry to find an Earth still infested with humanity, the Seed of the Gibborim found the Runaways to demand they honor their parents promise.[2] Although most flatly refused to participate, Alex Wilder asked for time to prepare and the Seed of the Gibborim granted them a week. Gib was assigned to stay at the Hostel to guard the Runaways.[4]

During his week with the Runaways, Gib became touched by their kindness and compassion.[5] Conflicted over his mission, Gib did destroy Doombot to prevent him from seeking help.[6] When Rim and Bo returned, Gib tried to convince them to forgo the Rite of Thunder and even fought to defend the Runaways. While Gib attempted to convince his nestmates, Gert used her remote to summon the 4-D Time Portico to transport Bo and Rim 999 years into the future. Although he fought to save humanity, Gib was incredibly saddened by the loss of his nestmates.[7]

Gib accompanied the other Runaways to the Wilder Estate to rescue Molly from Alex.[8]


Gib and the other Seed of the Gibborim appear to be lacking many of the powers common to Gibborim due to their lack of sacrificial human souls.[2][7] However, Gib does still possess the following powers due to being instead offered sacrificed animal souls:


Gib is seemingly weaker than other Gibborim because of the lack of sacrifice human souls.[2][7]

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