Marty Blank sold his gibbon suit to the Hobgoblin who sold it to an unnamed criminal.[1]

Goblin War

Gibbon was present during a battle between Hobgoblin's forces and the Goblin Underground. He, along with every other Hobgoblin franchise, joined Team Goblin when Goblin King killed the Hobgoblin, who was actually Kingsley's butler, Claude.[1] As part of the Goblin Underground, Gibbon assisted in the attack on New York City.[2]

Gibbon was among the former Hobgoblin minions present at the Bar with No Name at the time when Electro was there.[3]

Itsy Bitsy Encounter

Gibbon later joined a group of small-time villains who desired to rise to prominence that became known as the Hateful Hexad. During a disastrous performance in a fight against Spider-Man and Deadpool barely three days after coming together, most of the team was nearly killed by a new villainess named Itsy Bitsy as a display of power. Gibbon was one of the members who lost their life, being fatally stabbed by Itsy Bitsy.[4]


Seemingly the gibbon suit formerly used by Marty Blank.

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