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Quote1.png A pawn was moved in 1492. A bishop slid diagonally across the board in 1776. A rook pulled the trigger in 1963. The chess game goes on and on. It is a game of immortals, where Gideon is never bored by the eternal machinations. He is known throughout the world as a gaudy businessman, the "Ziggy Stardust" of the corporate boardroom. He is known to a mere handful as a powerful mutant, whose very power is to use someone's paragenetic abilities against him. And he is known to merely ten fingers or so, on the hand of destiny which envelops this planet, as a High Lord. An External. A mutant immortal who has manipulated the course of history to suit his needs for countless centuries. Quote2.png


Early Life

Gideon was born in Spain during the 15th century. He became a member of the first expedition led by Christopher Columbus in 1492, aboard the Pinta, but succumbed to scurvy. However, Gideon recovered as they reached the New World, his nature as a mutant External allowing himself to be resurrected.[3]

High Lords

Although his subsequent history remains largely unknown, over the course of the next several hundred years, he became quite wealthy and discovered other Externals like himself. It is at this unknown point Gideon joined his fellow Externals that had formed the self-fashioned "High Lords". Together they manipulate events behind the scenes on a global scale, with the sole goal of political and monetary control over the destiny of Earth.[4][5][3]

Tomorrow Starts Today

In 1891, Candra decided that she would stop En Sabah Nur's glacier-like crawl to power and took the ability to fold space through her magic, where he used science. For unknown reasons the High Lords did not wish to physically act against her, so once they learned of her plans, Gideon and the others had Dr. Nathan Milbury, who worked for En Sabah Nur, deal with Candra instead.[6][7][8]

Once Candra made it to En Sabah Nur's sanctum beneath the pyramids outside of Bani Maza in Egypt, thanks to her Thieves Guild and their leader Jean-Luc LeBeau, she began to translate the text. But a time-traveling Gambit, Courier, and Dr. Nathan Milbury stopped her via Milbury's transport ship. Choosing to bring down En Sabah Nur sanctum instead of fighting and steal his powers another day, Milbury quickly overpowers her with his new found metamorphic ability. Defeated, she begs for him to stop and as he does while revealing Gideon and the other four High Lords who appeared as the reason behind her loss. Candra tried to explain her actions but Gideon and the others knowing En Sabah Nor's citadel is not to be touched, his slow glaciers rise to power is not to be interrupted. For their greater glory awaits the Millennial,[9][10] and Candra's actions put that at risk, thus they punished her.[8]


At some uncertain point from Harvard University's creation in the 17th century to the 20th century Gideon attended the school, but was expelled under circumstances to be revealed.[11]

20th Century

During the 20th Century, Gideon and the other High Lords began seeking the final External to ascend, and join their group.[4]

Modern Era

As time went on he built his company, Ophrah Industries, into a corporate giant, intending to use his ever-growing financial power to dominate the world. But Gideon started gaining public notice when he began forging alliances between high-tech industrial consortium's, such as Da Costa International, Shaw Industries, Roxxon, GeneTech and Taylor Foundation.[12][13][14][12]

Gideon had come to believe a business associate and CEO of Da Costa International's son Roberto Da Costa was the next External, and befriended the family. Even planting an operative as Emmanuel Da Costa personal assistant at Emmanuel's main office in Brazilian.[11][4]

The Beginning of the End

Gideon working out

In his Colorado estate, Gideon prepares for the day with his morning exercise. As he breaks through some of the best combat modules Shaw Industries has to offer, has his assistant, Adam, take a memo telling Sebastian that he'd prefer him to make the little tin darlings a little quieter. Well towelling off he listened to the day's schedule. Regarding the Da Costa stock inquiry, Adam assured him the operative was Eve, happy Gideon told him to have her proceed as planned.[12]

In Brazilian, at the office building complex of Da Costa International, Eve poisoning Emmanuel's afternoon coffee, proceeded as ordered and killed him. Later that night Gideon awoke Roberto, who was a member of the New Mutants and called Sunspot, to inform him of his father's death by heart attack, to the kid's shock. Over a week later, Gideon spied on a meeting with Cable and James Proudstar at a Tavern on the Green in Central Park, Manhattan, as Cable told him that he had to prepare for a mutant war, which James dismissed. Gideon mused joyfully at Cable's failure to recruit Proudstar from Xavior's, when he was called away from the monitor by Adam at the arrival of Roberto. He convinced Roberto that his parents' relationship was strained, that his father loved him and wanted him to have the business empire. With this new responsibility he further manipulated Roberto into thinking it best to leave Xavior's School and the New Mutants, and with that Gideon became a mentor to the new CEO of Da Costa International.[11]

Kings of Pain

Gideon wanting to bring back Proteus in order to use his energies to be is ultimate tool in his control of the planets economic structure. So he hired both GeneTech to cultivate the DNA matrix of the energy and A.I.M. through their IDIC Corporation to mass-produce injection molded body casing for the containment of the energy. Toad wanting to ingratiate the returning Proteus tortured psyche and formidable powers into his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, joined Gideon at his mountain Chalet in Vail, Colorado. With Toad picking GeneTech and Gideon A.M.I. they play a game of chess over the outcome. Having had A.I.M. hire Alliance of Evil to protect Harness and Piecemeal as Piecemeal absorb the dispersed energy of Proteus, in order to recreate him. Despite New Mutants, New Warriors, X-Factor, Moira and her team trying to save Piecemeal he exploded fusing Proteus's energy and Piecemeal into Proteus II.[13][15][16]

Finally, Gilbert's body exploded, and in that instant his mind combined with that of the reformed Proteus to form a new amalgamated being. The new entity set about warping reality all over Scotland.[14] The amalgamated Proteus/Piecemeal also captured their mothers and held them hostage as the team went after them and debated whether they should kill Proteus II or try to help them. In the end, Moira convinced the new Proteus to halt his rampage and destroy himself by dispersing his energy body.[14] Gideon unfazed by the lose covered the damage done to A.I.M.'s Brooklyn facility and the hiring of the Alliance of Evil.

The Sabotage

When Gideon thinks that Roberto is ready, he takes him to an acquisition meeting to buy out the Jankos Corporation. Once there, Arianna Jankos decides that she doesn't want to sell the company and hires Black Tom to help her extort money from the assembled businessmen. In return, they brought back Tom's partner the Jaggernaut,[17] with their inter-dimensional teleportation machine. Roberto wants to immediately fight back, but Gideon holds him back. Gideon kept his power a secret, preferring to work behind the scenes had him wait and see how things play out.[18][19][20][21]

After a while, Cable and the X-Force show up and Black Tom blows up the building. Gideon and Roberto emerge from the rubble and, after an altercation with Cable, decide to help the trapped people. As Gable's group and a newly arrived Spider-Man dealt with Black Tome and the Jaggernaut. Once the authorities arrive, Gideon lies to the news outlets that yes Black Tom and the Juggernaut were responsible for the initial takeover, but it's obvious the events were masterminded by Cable. That it would be the betterment of the World for Cable and his band to be stopped.[20][21][22]

Sympathy for the Devil

Gideon managed to keep his power a secret for a long time, however, the New Warriors, when investigating criminal links of the Taylor Foundation, caused Gideon to reveal his mutant powers and sadistic temperament. He soundly defeated them.[23][24]

Mystery Of The Externals

High Lords (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 1 10 001.png

When Cannonball was killed by Sauron and came back to life shortly after, Gideon and the other Externals sensed his ascension to their numbers. Gideon joined his fellow High Lords at meet Nicodemus, Saul, Absalom and Burke at Nicodemus' Nicodemus Chalet in the Swiss Alps of Switzerland, to discuss this new revelation.[25][4]

Though Absalom, who already disliked Gideon, was made more so by the time Gideon wasted on recruiting the wrong person, they listened to Gideon’s plan to unleash fellow High Lord Krule to kill the X-Force leader Cable. Despite them being shocked Gideon involve Krule, and Burke’s concerns that his plan would only lead Cable, who was aware of Gideon being an External right to them or Xavier, his X-Men, X-Factor or X-Force. Saul and Nicodemus allowed him to go through with his plan.[26][4]

When Externals Clash

Gideon (Earth-616) vs Crule (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 1 12 001.png

Knowing where Crule would be, Gideon headed to a bar in Lowtown Madripoor, an Asian city-island not far off the coast of China. Once there he found Crule enjoying a drink after he proceeded to destroy the bar and the people for catching the dealer of the poker cheating. When he confronted him, Crule not one to deny his inherent tendency’s and love of violence, along with a half century of hate between them attacked Gideon. At first Crule proved the better of the two, that is by using his ability to masterly duplicate the abilities and powers of others[24][27] Gideon soundly beat Crule.[9]

Gideon filled Crule in on his plan to rid them of Cable, the newest ascended Cannonball and things which pertain to the ascension of the Externals. Together they went to Gideon’s penthouse apartment above the main administrative offices of Ophrah Industries in Denver. Crule though wanting to tar Roberto Da Costa apart upon meeting but Gideon, still affected by his coping of Crule, savagely beat Roberto to unconsciousness instead.[9]

To the Pain

The desert of New Mexico, Ophrah Research Facility, Gideon had Sunspot sent for his lead scientists Dr. Joshua, Dr. Leah and others as a test subject for his solar absorption machine. They feel that their solar absorption machine is going to kill Sunspot. They question if they should bring up their concerns to Gideon and choose to proceed instead.[28]

When Gideon learns that Crule didn't kill Cable but went off the plan and after Cannonball instead, and failed he reached out to him. As Cannonball and his team headed across the Colorado Rockies to Gideon's home, Gideon done deal with Cannonball. That he will tell Sam where Roberto is, if he promised to never again interfere in matters concerning the Externals. Cannonball begrudgingly accepted.[29]

Four Control

With both controlling shareholders of Taylor Foundation, Tai died and Chord incapacitated, the business was in a state of flux.[30] As such Gideon began a hostile takeover starting with GeneTech, who was supported by Tai and Chord. Gideon had Taylor Foundation board member Gai No Don working for him and his operative Eve Magdalene, who acted as a board member for Taylor Foundation and proxy for Ophrah Industries ready.[31][32]

When Chord faked his kidnapping, because if anyone had him, they will have Taylor Foundation, Tayler as Night Thrasher began investigating. As he did Taylor learned the state his company was really in, of Gideon's operative Eve being a Life-Model Decoy. Gideon also went to Genetech and was trying to buy out the company and as a result, the Taylor Foundation. Gideon had Eve replaced ahead of the board with another of his employees Evelyn Crawford, but when Taylor took over the meeting, Gideon stepped in to turn the tide in his favor. After some heated words, it was left up to the stockholders of Ophrah and GeneTech to decide. With Taylor beating out Gideon by 3 votes, the both decided to finish this in a more personal way.[31][32]

Gideon waited for Taylor at his mountain chalet in Vail, Colorado, when Taylor appeared Gideon having mimicked his Night Thrasher's armor saw through his camouflage and attacked. The two crashed into Gideon's home, but before they could continue Taylor challenge Gideon to a straight on fight without his armor. He had the upper hand at first, but Taylor manage to beat him. With Gideon unconscious, Taylor hacked into his computer to learn that Gai No Don was working for Gideon also. Getting what he needed he uploaded a prepared virus to crash the system, so Gideon couldn't try anything like this again.[32]

A New Threat

Gideon (Earth-616) and Garbha-Hsien (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 1 23 001.png

When Stryfe tricked Sinister into unleashing his Legacy Virus the Externals found that they were not even safe.[33][34]

With the Legacy Virus having claimed Nicodemus, Gideon and Saul came up with a plan to trick Cannonball into coming to them. Saul went to Camp Verde in Arizona where X-Force had their base, there he found Warpath, Boom-Boom and Siryn alone. From the shadows Saul blasted them with a form of electrical force that left the three unconscious. He brought them to his home on the North Oregon coastline and with each secured to a rock on the cliff near the ocean's water and near drowning, he and Saul sent Cannonball via hologram the massage of their captives.[34][35][36]

But unbeknownst to them X-Force instead located Crule at St. Anthony's Hospital in Portland Maine, with Cannonball stays behind the others got a still in a body cast Crule. As Gideon and Saul discuss what the loss of Nicodemus and what the ascension of their newest External Cannonball means, Crule wanting to humble his fellow High Lords gladly gave them up to X-Force. While Gideon and Saul drank tea X-Force in their IPAC came crashing through the side of Saul house sending them flying. With their teammates free as Shatterstar and Feral keeping guard, as Gideon gloated, thinking their plan worked Sunspot showed Gideon the letter from Cannonball that they plan to get him to break their deal failed. As they left Saul pleaded that they needed to study the newest ascendant, for without Sam Guthrie the Externals may all die. But to no avail, instead he was left with a warning to cease harassing them or he would suffer that fate anyway.[37]


When Baron von Strucker learned of the immortal External Gideon and his quest for power, which he felt was rightfully his, he sends his Hyrda agents. Lead by Cassandra Romulus to either bring Gideon in as one of his or to die before him.[38]

At his Ophrah Industries office in Denver, Gideon greeted Crule, not surprised that he did not perish after his battle with X-Force.[29] Though complementing Crule on his bones knitting quickly and there will be consequences, possible to do with Crule's failure, when Hydra smashed through the window. Gideon tells Crule to stay at ease, for he can handle them without his help. But when Romulus offered Gideon a place in Hydra or die, Crule, finding the offer of a High Lord a subservient position in an inferior organization backed by idle threats an insult and attacked. As they fought Fury along with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, thanks to G.W. Bridge's who learned of the Hydra's plan, appeared and immediately attacked them.[38]

Gideon not wanting to be in S.H.I.E.L.D.s debt called on Crule to attack both intruder, which Crule was more than happy to comply. As the three sides fought Fury asked Gideon to call off Crule, that he was only there for Hydra. But Gideon didn't trust him, revealing that he knew of S.H.I.E.L.D.s spies infiltrating his business interests past and present for some time. With Hydra defeated, and Gideon warning Fury if his agents did stop pointing their guns at him he will be force to teach them a lesson. Knowing Gideon is no friend to Hydra agrees to leave him be, but Crule wants more, Gideon not wanting further engagements is forced to strike Crule.[38][39]

With Romulus and Hydra taken prisoner, Gideon leaves Fury with a warning to not interfere in his affairs again or it will not end as civil. Which Fury agrees to that, but wasn't there for him, that day.[39]

Psi-Ber Sentinel

In one of his Ophrah Industrial Complexes, in upstate New York's Adirondack Mountains, scientists Cunninghan and others lead by Dr. Glover restore a Sentinel robot code named Ophrah Industries Sentinel Mark IV or Psi-Ber Sentinel and powered it with psychic energy under Gideon's orders. To endow the Sentinel with psychic energy, Ophrah captured telepathic mutant "volunteers", only to have them perish during the psychic energy siphoning process. Needing stronger psychic's, Gideon looked to the X-Men's Psylocke, Charles Xavier and Jean Grey. Learning about ex-New Mutant's teammate Karma and her dire need to find her brother and sister, he manipulated her into betraying her friends with the promise that he will tell where her siblings are.[40]

After staying at the X-Mansion for days, and the X-Men lowered their guard, Karma used a cybernetic matter to mute the powers of Xavier and leave him and Pyslocke who tried to save him unconscious. She shut down the mansion's security, allowing Gideon's high tech armored men lead by Deadpool and Juggernaut who he hired to help collect Jean Grey and the others. With Deadpool sending Karma to help Juggernaut with Cyclops, they took all three and quickly brought them to Gideon's complex. With the three X-Men hooked up to and powering the Sentinel, Gideon, not liking that the project was running late, costing him money and time appeared to check on Dr Glover. As they spoke the other X-Men arrived to rescue theirs, setting off the alarm, but Gideon was ready and while he had Glover activate the Sentinel he sent Karma, Deadpool, Juggernaut, Toad and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to face them. The battle was fierce, with Gideon's side, seemingly gaining the upper hand until Karma turned on the Brotherhood. With Cyclops facing Gideon, and Gideon openly replicating Cyclops' power, laughing at him for thinking he was simply copying them, the Sentinel was activated. As The Sentinel attacked the X-Men, everyone else fled, Karma wanting to further make up for what she did, freed Marvel Girl, Xavier and Psylocke, removing the Sentinel's power source and shutting it down.[40]

Following the Psi-Ber Sentinel's defeat, though not revealing his final plans for the Sentinel, Gideon admitted to being behind everything and mocked Karma for being naïve enough to believe he had any information on her sister and brother. Which he did not, and he couldn't care less about them or her. When Cyclops warned Gideon that they were not going to let him get away with this, Gideon gloated that the X-Men could not touch him legally, as it was his word vs. theirs. Gideon then claimed that the entire scenario could be blamed on Ophrah Industries' Dr. Glover exceeding his authority while conducting the Sentinel experiment and that the only evidence the X-Men had against him was Karma's testimony and she had been the one to allow Deadpool and the others into the Xavier Mansion to begin with. But Wolverine responded by cutting a main support beam for the Ophrah Industrial Complex and the complex began to fall apart. The X-Men then fled the scene as the Adirondack Mountain Ophrah Industries industrial complex exploded with Gideon inside, promising the X-Men they hadn't seen the last of him.[40]

The Tithing

Gideon joined fellow External Candra at her home in Paris, and enjoyed a romantic time together well her Tithing is underway for the Guilds of New Orleans. The extent of their partnership is unknown. However, the night was cut short when a dying Bella's brother Julien failed to use Gambit to get Candra's Elixir to save Bella. Sent his men to steal the Elixir from Candra's Tithe Collector, but he managed to escape and went to Paris to warn Candra interrupting their night.[41]

With a blooding out Tithe Collector on her couch and the night ruined, Gideon chose to get back to handling business of his own left. But Candra would rather deal with her own affairs, especially knowing Gambit was coming for the Elixir.[42]

The Young And The Restless

For a time he and the others stayed away from Cannonball and his X-Force, until Burke and Absalom became infected by the Legacy Virus which would take Burke's life first. But not before Burke, through his precognitive skills, saw and made the others aware that Samuel Guthrie was the architect of their salvation.[3]

Along with Absalom and Saul, Gideon went to Cumberland County, Kentucky, to meet with Samuel, threatening his brother Josh. There to convince Samuel to aid them, they discussed with Samuel and Tabitha of their defining moments of their ascension from mortals to something more, they told him about what each of them represent, which for Gideon was Opportunity and Samuel that was Hope. After Samuel shared heartfelt words with them and how they could have made a difference, but did nothing Absalom, who had lost his temper once already with Samuel but was put in his place by Gideon now raged.[43][3]

He assaulted Gideon and then as the virus overwhelm him Samuel saved the others with his blast field from the explosion. Gideon was amazed to find Absalom survived, which Saul believed it was a testament to the truth of Samuel's words. So with Samuel's word that as long as they try to do better with what they got and if the time comes, if he is able to he will save their lives, with Gideon carrying an unconscious Absalom they left.[3]

Even an X-Ternal Can Die!

With the loss of Nicodemus[34] and Burke,[3] Gideon and the remaining High Lords found themselves vulnerable for the first time in centuries. Though not from others but from their fellow Externals, namely Selene who had been waiting for this moment and with the coming terror that is Onslaught,[44] not to mention the return of Apocalypse[45] that would come with it she would wait no longer.[46]

Joined by Saul at Gideon's Manhattan penthouse in Rockefeller Center, they were attacked by Selene, shifting in and out of shadow form. In trouble due to the surprise attack, Gideon mysteriously chose to use this time to reach out to Sunspot for help. But unfortunately Selene managed to kill both Saul and Gideon by draining their life-force before help could arrive. Selene would throw Gideon's corpse out the window, crashing down into the streets just as Sunspot and Caliban showed up.[46][47]

The Newer Mutants

After the attack by Selene, his remains were taken by his assistants of Ophrah Industries and kept in a stasis containment capsule at a Ophrah compound in Colorado's, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. As he was in stasis, his assistant Eve kept watch over him and attended to Ophrah's investors, it's many trade secrets, and the over twenty powerful telepaths and telekinetics. Who all willingly signed up and their families handsomely compensated.[46][2]

10 years later, the other Externals that were previously killed by the Legacy Virus or Selene had long returned, suddenly were being killed off again by one of their own. Cable from 13 years later was investigating the deaths, and was led to Gideon's location. Eve, being warned by the telepaths, welcomed Cable and his team of X-23, Doop, Shatterstar, Armor and Longshot allowed them in. Only letting them to see that Gideon couldn't be the killer, when a threat was perceived after Doop tapped on the stasis pod. Gideon was automatically lowered to safety, as the compounds security measure, Adam, became active.[2]

Eve tried to calm the situation down until another Gideon, the real killer from the 54th century appeared. When Cable threatened this Gideon, another security measure, in the telepath's, was activated, but Doop throw up a psionic shield to protect them. After Cable struck Gideon, Adam's programming took over and he ran to attack, but was beheaded by X-23. As Eve with Adam's head left the room with Gideon, Cable and his team fought off what had become of humanity that Gideon brought back with him from the future. The telepaths and telekinetics were set free as another security measure, but when that failed the compound was locked down and set to self destruct.[48]

While the upper levels of the compound exploded, Armor protected the rest of X-Force, as Gideon still in stasis remained unseen and apparently safe in the lower levels.[48]


Gideon was seen healthy again and living in Krakoa as a member of the new mutant nation. He was seen alongside many other Krakoans onlooking at Charles Xavier corpse after his death at the hands of anti-mutant super-human criminals whom had somehow infiltrated Krakoa's defenses and killed many of its residents, including Xavier.[49]

External Gateway

After receiving a summons through their shared psychic-link from Apocalypse he went to the Eternal Caldera of Krakoa, and there joined by Selene, Saul, Crule, Nicodemus and Candra waited for Apocalypse. When Apocalypse arrived, Gideon listened as others, not wanting to play his games, learned of his plans for them. As many of the others made it clear that they were unwilling to go along with his belief of what their purpose should be nor willing to sacrifice themselves for his goals. Apocalypse would force them to be sacrificed by playing his trump card in a newly enhanced Rictor.[50]

Rictor erupted from the ground in a blast of lava killing Crule. After an enraged Nicodemus attacked, despite never acting against others Gideon, he joined Selene and Rictor and stood by Apocalypse who was forced to call for their help. After a brief exchange of words Absalom attacked, as Selene animating the ground to shield themselves, one of his bone spikes hit and hurt Apocalypse. As Gideon watched on, Rictor blasted the others with a wave of lava, unintentionally killing Nicodemus, Candra, Saul and badly drained and hurting a survived Absalom. Gideon, along with Selene and a forced Absalom would help Apocalypse in finishing the ritual to transform their ancient bones into a gateway to Otherworld and to Arakko.[50]

With the ancient bones of Nicodemus, Saul, Crule and Candra, thus their life energy, turned into the stones that powers the External Gate,[51] trapping them, and allowing the whole of Krakoa to enter Otherworld Apocalypse's plan was complete.[50]



Immortal: As an External, Gideon is effectively immortal and since becoming active after his first death he no longer ages. So despite being more than 500 years of age, he retained the appearance and vigor of a man in his physical prime.[3][48] Though Gideon can be put out of commission or seemingly destroyed for various periods of time, he can not be permanently killed.[52][53]

  • Rapid Healing: As part of his own natural genetic mutation, Gideon is ability to endure injuries (within unknown limits) without lasting harm or seemingly feeling much pain[24], he could apparently regenerate injured or missing cells from even near-fatal injuries.[54][24] However, Gideon could fully regenerated such tissue by temporarily absorbing the abilities of a being that possessed a sufficiently developed healing factor.
  • Resurrection: As an immortal, Gideon has shown to be able to resurrect himself from death.[46][55]

Psychic-Link: As an Extertal, he shares a telepathic-link with his fellow Externals that allows them to not only sense each other and where, but can call on each other at will from great distances.[50] He is also able to sense when one rises from their first death and when one is killed by another External.[4][3][2][48][53]

Power Mimicry: Gideon possess the ability of Super Human Enhancement Assimilation: the power to temporarily endow himself with the super powers of any beings in his proximity, whether they are a superhuman, android, or mechanical battlesuit. He scans and replicates his target's energy signatures and genetic templates, granting him a full understanding of the potential applications of the powers he acquires and enabling him to overwhelm an opponent with a superior mastery of their own powers.[12][24]

  • While he assumed the powers of others, he doesn't take on any aspect of their appearance (for instance, he duplicated Speedball's Kinetic Energy Field without needing to increase his height or mass as Speedball needed).[24]
  • Gideon has also shown not only to mimic the advanced skills, talents and powers of a subject but that of three subjects at once so far.[24][56]


Gideon was an excellent combatant and had extensive training in multiple forms of armed and unarmed combat.


Gideon can only be killed by having his life-force drained or heart eaten from a fellow External, but if the External fails to do the same to the other Externals he'll come back again.[57][58]


  • Gideon was Christian, at least in 1492.[3]
  • Early ancillary media surrounding Gideon listed him as a member of different teams. The Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe #8 identified him as a member of the Upstarts. (Presumably, this is because his murder of Black Rook Emmanuel Dacosta seemed linked to the other attacks on Hellfire Club members by Upstarts in the same year.) Marvel Universe Series III 1992 trading cards called him a member of the "Profit$". Whether this was an pre-production name for the Upstarts or the Externals is unknown.

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