Samuel Wilson, Gideon Wilson and Sarah Wilson (Earth-616) from All-New Captain America Vol 1 3 0001

Sam caring for his siblings after their parents deaths


Although appearing to look much older than his brother the Falcon, Sam claims he raised his brother and sister. [2]

Gideon Wilson and his unnamed wife (Earth-616)

Gideon and his unnamed wife

Gideon Wilson became a minister (like his father) , but when his son Jim died of AIDS, he blamed the Hulk and vowed revenge on him.[3]

Gamma Corps

He underwent exposure to gamma radiation to gain Doc Samson-like powers but with opposite effects. He attempted to beat the Hulk, but during the fight, he realised that this wasn't what he wanted, acknowledging the Hulk's points that Jim had died of AIDS and admitting that he was only attacking the Hulk because he was ashamed at his own failures as a father.[citation needed]

All-New All-Different

Years later, Gideon Wilson was visited by his brother. Now apparently powerless, he had become a pastor in New York, where he ran AA meetings from a parish common room. He expressed his pride at his brother becoming Captain America.[4]


Mr. Gideon possessed similar powers to Doc Samson, but with the opposite requirements. While Samson's strength increased when his hair grew, Gideon's strength shrunk as his hair grew.[citation needed]

Strength level

Mr. Gideon possessed superhuman strength.


Mr. Gideon's strength decreased the longer his hair grew. This limits how strong he can grow since, unlike Samson whose strength and hair can grow indefinitly, Gideon's hair cannot grow any shorter than being shaven off.[citation needed]


High-tech weapons

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