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Gil was an Argen who had been relocated to Torfa and was a friend of Tic. He attacked Captain Marvel, the Earth hero who brought Tic back to Torfa, over a misunderstanding, as she identified her as an ally of the Galactic Council who were trying to get the refugees out of Torfa.[1]

As they were collecting the necessary parts for their plans, they discovered that the Haffensye were smuggling Vibranium from Torfa for the Spartax Empire, and that it was its secret extraction by some of the Sentimault that had caused the illness.[2]

The Spartoi invaded Torfa, and Gil helped Captain Marvel intercept the upcoming Spartoid fleet so Carol could destroy the Vibranium mines and leave the Spartoi with no reasons for being there, as well as liberating the planet form its poison.[3]


  • Gil's eyes are depicted inconsistently, sometimes appearing to to be all white, with no irises or pupils, while at other times clearly having irises and pupils. Whether this is due to his alien physiology or an art error has not been determined.

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