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Dr. Gilbert Vaughn was a divorced scientist and the father of Wendell Vaughn and his sister Gayle. Gilbert was one of the scientists working for Tony Stark investigating the Quantum Bands for SHIELD.[1] Gilbert's son Wendell took the quantum bands when SHIELD came under attack by AIM.[2] Wendell became the hero Quasar and spent 4 years in space traveling to Uranus.[3] When Quasar returned he told his father about meeting Eon and that he was now the Protector of the Universe. Gilbert and Quasar's cosmic mentor Eon became friends.[4]

Gilbert died of a fatal cerebral hemorrhage,[5] one that Eon knew had been caused when his then-unidentified enemy had stopped the flow of blood to Gilbert's brain.[6] Aware of Wendell's emotional attachment to his father and not wishing for his ability to perform as Protector of the Universe to be impaired, Eon used his powers to reanimate Gilbert's corpse for several weeks to fool Quasar into thinking his father was still alive.[7]


  • Although Gilbert died in Quasar #12 and there is no doubt that Maelstrom killed him, the prologue in Quasar #22 showed that Maelstrom had not returned to Earth before the end of Quasar #13. This is either a chronology error or Maelstrom was somehow able to kill Gilbert at long distance.


  • Unlike most relatives of super heroes, Gilbert knew about his son's career as Quasar from the very beginning and was often taken into his son's confidence.

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