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A man of Puerto Rican descent,[1] Gil Corazon was married to Sofia Corazon and had a daughter, Anya Corazon. When local children were being killed, Gil investigated, and his investigations led to a dangerous man, who wanted him to stop the investigation. Gil refused, and the man simply shrugged and walked away. Days later, when Gil was away, and Anya was at school, their house burnt down, and Sofia was killed. Fearing for his and Anya's life, Gil fled Mexico City, and went to America, in New York.[citation needed]

At some point, Gil had witnessed a confrontation of the Fantastic Four. Unsure of Sue's invisible shields, Gil attempted to save her from an enemy that had snuck behind her. As it turned out, Sue had been in no danger, but they became good friends, and Gil became the Fantastic Four's "Unofficial Official Reporter."[citation needed]

In later years, Gil would discover that his daughter, thanks to Ms.Marvel, had become the super-heroine, Araña. However, when Anya was wounded in a battle, having her carapace ripped from her, Gil filed a restraining order against Ms. Marvel, to stay away from Anya. Anya however disobeyed, and the restraining order seems to have been dropped since then.[citation needed]

When Gil Corazon was investigating a "mystery murder," he met Thaddeus Ross and they began to share information about the murder. However, they had both been poisoned, and Thaddeus became the Red Hulk, killing Gil in an enraged rampage.[2]

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