Gilmore Hodge was a U.S. Army recruit assigned to the Strategic Scientific Reserve as a candidate to become a super-soldier for Project Rebirth during World War II in 1943.

Hodge would get off to a poor start in the program by making disrespectful remarks towards Operations Supervisor Agent Peggy Carter, which led to Hodge being knocked on his back and given a bloody nose by Carter in front of Colonel Chester Phillips.

Nonetheless, Hodge excelled at physical training, making him the preferred choice of Col. Phillips. Hodge's frequent bullying of the much smaller candidate Steve Rogers, however, did not endear him to Dr. Abraham Erskine, the inventor of the super soldier formula, who was more impressed with Rogers' perseverance. Phillips, believed "guts" would be the deciding factor and attempted to prove Hodge's mettle by tossing a dummy grenade at the feet of the recruits. Phillips' demonstration would backfire, however, as Hodge and the other recruits dove for cover, while Rogers threw his body onto the grenade.

Hodge was subsequently passed up in favor of Rogers, who would become become the first (and, ultimately, only) super-soldier. After the project was sabotaged and Dr. Erskine murdered by Hydra operative Heinz Kruger, the S.S.R. was re-tasked, with all personnel, including Hodge being relocated to Europe to fight Hydra directly.

Hodge was present at an S.S.R. base in Italy, when Rogers (now under the persona of "Captain America") returned from an unauthorized raid on a Hydra base, which led to the liberation of some four hundred captured Allied troops. It is not known if Hodge participated in any of the subsequent campaigns against Hydra, nor is it known if he survived the war.[1]


Hodge possessed speed and strength consistent with a physically fit adult male in his twenties, though more so than his fellow recruits, to the extent that he was initially Col. Phillips' preferred choice as the first Project Rebirth test subject.[1]

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