Early years

Gin Goh is an ancient and ageless warlord. Hundred of years ago, he and his armies ruled over a vast portion of China, murdering, raping and pillaging until he was finally killed.[1]

Death couldn't stop him: If killed in battle, he reincarnated somewhere else in the world. In one of his lifetimes, he attacked the Huang family, ten generations ago.[1]

An enemy of K'un-Lun, an Iron Fist was eventually able to capture and contain him, bringing his reign to an end.[1]

Modern era

Centuries later, the Huangs hired Deadpool to find and kill Gin Goh, who had escaped the Eighth City. Deadpool's mission was interrupted by Iron Fist, who informed him that the only way to ultimately defeat Gin Goh is to capture and contain him. Deadpool pretended to agree with Iron Fist's plan, but secretly planned to kill Gin Goh as soon as he got the chance. When Iron Fist and Deadpool found Gin Goh, he easily defeated Deadpool using the Black Tongue, on of the Thirteen Cursed Blades, which kills with a single cut. Deadpool's healing factor kept him alive, but the wounds kept bleeding. The battle was interrupted by the Mr. Huang and his son, along with several mercenaries. Deadpool saw this as a betrayal of their contract, and decided he wouldn't kill Gin Goh after all. Deadpool maneuvered Gin Goh into stabbing him through the chest, thus trapping the blade. Iron Fist was then able to defeat the disarmed Gin Goh.


Reincarnation: If killed in battle, Gin Goh will be reincarnated somewhere else in the world.


Gin Goh is a superb combatant who has been killing for centuries. He was able to defeat Deadpool sword to sword.

Strength level

Gin Goh is seven or eight feet tall and in peak physical condition. While not possessing supernatural strength, his size and condition make him many times stronger than most men.


The Black Tongue, one of the Thirteen Cursed Blades which will kill with a single cut.

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