Dr. Gina Atwater is one of the most gifted doctors in medicine. She is also a very caring and empathetic person. One day, she complained to the hospital's administrator Oliver about having problems with one of the surgeons, one Dr. Stephen Strange. Gina and Strange once had a romantic relationship in the past. When Dr. Strange speaks with Gina and discusses her case of a child – one of many – who is suffering from dangerous nightmares. When touching one child, Strange promptly leaves, telling Gina that there is nothing he can do for the children.

After Stephen gets into a car crash, his hands are left shattered and useless. Gina tried to comfort Stephen, but he refused to listen to her.

Sometime later Gina met Stephen again, now begging her to help him get to Tibet. Despite concern for his disheveled appearance, and confusion over his sudden interest in Tibet, Gina helps him find transport their.

Later, as she's sitting by a lakeside. Stephen appears before Gina, surprising her. Gina is also surprised by his change in attitude but before she can learn anything she wakes up in the coma ward. Not realizing that Stephen had visited her in her dreams.[1]

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