Sabbath Raven was Dominic Fortune's ex-girlfriend, landlord and partner in many of his adventures. They broke up just prior to the start of World War II. Sabbath stayed in Europe and fell in love with an anti-Nazi German nationalist named Heinrich von Lundt, the brother of the Nazi Wolfgang von Lundt aka Simon Steele. While back in the states Dominic married a woman and had at least two children including a son named Jerry who would later be killed by Simon Steele.

Sabbath and Heinrich had a daughter named Elena. Heinrich was killed in front of Elena when she was 4 years old. Sabbath later married Heinrich's brother Simon Steel who had been given his cover identity by the United States. Simon raised Elena to be cruel and twisted and passed her off as the real Sabbath Raven to Dominic Fortune. Eventually Dominic and the real Sabbath Raven were reunited and with Spider-Man and Silver Sable's help were able to defeat Simon Steele and Elena.[1]

Following Sabbath's dead, Dominic Fortune inherited her casino boat, the Mississippi Queen.[2]

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