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Ginaldo was a Filipino assassin active during World War II. When Imperial Japan sought to make the Philippines part of their power base in 1941, this information was learned by US Lieutenant Curtis who returned to the United States to pass the information along. An agent of Imperial Japan hired Ginaldo to travel to the States to eliminate Curtis. He stormed the ship where Curtis was scheduled to make his briefing. However, Ginaldo was opposed by the Patriot who disarmed Ginaldo of his bolo[1].

Injured in the fight, Ginaldo still managed to fight off the Patriot and was forced to retreat from the battle. He returned to his employer unaware that he had left a trail of blood for the Patriot to follow. During the fight Ginaldo accidentally impaled his employer with his bolo. Concerned about dulling the bolos blade, Ginaldo was distracted long enough for the Patriot to knock him out with a single punch and turn him over to the authorities[2].

Powers and Abilities




Ginaldo was highly resistant to pain.


Ginaldo was very attached to his bolo that any damage done to it (such as something that could cause it's blade to dull) would cause him to pause and inspect his weapon, even in the middle of a battle.



Ginaldo was armed with a Bolo sword.

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