Asgardians' Ginnungagap

The Ginnungagap, or Yawning Void, was the place where the two primordial forces of fire, which was born in Muspelheim, and ice, which first emerged in Niffleheim, first came together to create life as it is.[6]


The dark elder god Knull dwelled in the primordial void that existed before time began, and was enraged when the Celestials intruded and began creating the universe; creating the symbiotes and Exolon by granting life to the abyss in order to destroy everything and return the universe to the void.[4]

Taoist's primordial nothingness

To the Xian, Yuanshi Tianzun, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, emerged from "Wuji," the primordial nothingness, as a result of the merging of the pure breaths of the Earth Mother Gaea ("Yin") and the Demiurge ("Yang").[7]

Nun of the Egyptian Gods

The Ennead were born from the chaos-sea Nun (Demiurge). Nun as both a god and as the Primordial Chaos continues to exist alongside the cosmos, which must be continually maintained to prevent it collapsing back into chaos.[8][verification needed]

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