Ginny was a young mutant seemingly powered after "No More Phoenix" spell.[1]

She was found on the streets of Los Angeles by a hopeless Spiral, who first saw in her a way to get money, to apparently selling the TAO drug, but instead only using her telepathic abilities to produce drugs-like effects. At one time, she somehow save Spiral's life, modifying their relationship.[2]

When Psylocke, Storm and Puck came to put down the dealer, they discovered the girl and Spiral. Ginny used on this occasion her abilities to generate a massive crowd attack on Psylocke, in order to defend Spiral, sensing her in danger.

The two of them leaves but were tracked to their flat both by the heroes and by the returned-from-the-future Bishop, who was looking for Ginny specifically.

He was able to kidnap her and to flee out in the subway tunnels, but was followed by the mutants, Puck, who team-up for a time with Spiral. They fought briefly and Spiral managed to leave with Ginny while the others keep fighting.

Spiral later took her to Mojoworld where she worked on her new show Spiral's Showcase.[3]




Bracelet anti-telepathic detection

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