Ginny Mahoney was a high school student and long-time academic rival of Adam Berman who was abducted and transformed into a Prime Sentinel by Bastion to infiltrate Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. However, when Bastion discovered that Berman was a mutant, he sent her to spy on him and to publicly destroy Berman. Mahoney witnessed Berman using his power on a bully and began to make romantic overtones towards Berman. In order to obtain a saliva sample from his mouth, naturally she kissed him. After the kiss she noted that she felt and enjoyed the kiss, and remembered that Bastion said that she would never be able to feel again, so she told Adam that she knew he was a mutant and she had no problem with it and neither should he. Ginny left and reported to Bastion but did not reveal that she still had feelings, as he would have terminated her on the spot. The next day, while Sean Cassidy was given a lecture at the school, she activated Adam's powers, causing him to run amok. She then stepped in to "protect" the student. However, Adam made her realize that she was the one who had hurt the other students, so she transformed back to normal, kissed Adam and fled, and Bastion terminated her.[1]

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