As a member of the mutant-controlled planet Haven, Giraud is a member of the resistance fighting a never ending battle against the Nine. The Guardians of the Galaxy arrived to the planet to help the colony escape before the planet's core erupted.[1]

At the urging of Starhawk, Giraud was empowered by the Phoenix to help save Haven. He utilized his newly won Phoenix powers to transport the populace of Haven to Mainframe's world of Klaatu. He then joined the Guardians of the Galaxy as a reserve member.[2]

Giraud was afflicted by a psychic virus. After destroying several planets, he was able to rehabilitate himself with the help of the Phoenix.[3]

Giraud was also instrumental in the defeat of the Ubiquitor when she attempted to destroy reality and remake it in her own image. Though not able to defeat the woman by himself, he was able to augment the Phoenix Force's power through Mjolnir, given to him by Woden, Son of Thor.[4]

Power Grid [6]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* With Phoenix Force


Possessed by the Phoenix Force, Giraud controls matter on a molecular level, allowing him to manipulate atomic structures. He can generate and absorb any form of energy in seemingly unlimited scale and turn his form into pure energy at will. He can live in any environment without harm and travel through space at near light speed. He can open time/space warps to travel into other dimensions or realities. The Phoenix Force can manifest itself around him as an enormous bird of cosmic flame when Giraud uses his powers extensively.

  • Klaatu was formerly a citizen of Haven before its destruction. New Haven is a colony on Mainframe's home planet of Klaatu.

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