Real Name: Giraud
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Former Aliases: No known former aliases
Other Current Aliases: Phoenix


Occupation: Adventurer
Legal Status: Legal status unknown
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Marital status unknown
Group Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy
Base of Operations: Starship Captain America


Giraud is a future wielder of the Phoenix Force. He was granted psionic powers, but it seems he had other powers as well.

Place of Birth: New Haven
Known Relatives: No known relatives
First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy #11


As a member of the mutant colony New Haven, Giraud is believed to be a mutant himself. The Guardians of the Galaxy arrived to the planet to help the colony escape a problem with the planet's core.

At the urging of Starhawk, Giraud was empowered by the Phoenix to help save New Haven.


Height: x'xx"
Weight: xxx lbs (xxx kg)
Eyes: Eye colour unknown
Hair: black
Unusual Features: No unusual features


Known Powers: Giraud possesses telepathy and telekinesis, augmented to incredible levels due to being empowered by the Phoenix Force. He has also demonstrated teleportation.
Known Abilities: No known abilities.

Strength Level: Strength level unknown


Equipment: No known equipment.
Transportation: No known transportation.
Weapons: No known weapons.


  • No special notes.


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