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Masque was one in a series of bio-duplicates created by the agoraphobic Whitney Frost / Madame Masque. Too paranoid to leave her protective bunker, Madame Masque employed these "Masques" imprinted with her memories, personality, and appearance to act as her avatars out in the real world and among the Maggia family she ruled. However, this particular Masque escaped from Nefaria's bunker before the imprinting process was completed. She had only a partial copy of Whitney's memories and retained her sense of independence.[2]

Masque gravitated towards Tony Stark and Iron Man, becoming an associate of the Avengers during the Crossing.[3][4] However, she was eventually sought out and recaptured by Madame Masque's agent, Benedict.[5]

During the Nefaria Protocols, Masque escaped from the bunker and attempted to use the "ionic lock" weapon against Count Nefaria. The count mercilessly struck her down and killed her without realizing she wasn't his true daughter. This act of betrayal emboldened the original Madame Masque to strike out against her father.[6]


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