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Madame Masque deals with all of Lord Doom's needs as his second in command. She dealt with a member of the Doom Elite who came for an audience to discuss the rebel attack on a Doombot in middle of the square. Madame Masque told him to not bring trifle things to them as it is petty, but the guard also told the Madame that one of the satellites shot down a spacecraft the other day.

Fearing that it might be a possible scout for an invasion, Madame Masque debunked the guards theory by saying Doom does not fear any spacecraft and also the area where it landed, which was part of the Wastelands that wasn't under their control, there was no way the passengers could survive.[1]

Later, Taskmaster showed her and Doom the execution of Star-Lord who killed the Wrecking Crew. However, Star-Lord's actions allowed Taskmaster to be defeated by Spider-Woman. Doom felt that Star-Lord could possibly forment rebellion. So, Masque sent out a group of Doombots to deal with Star-Lord.[2]

When the Doombots were destroyed and that attacks were being launched by Gladiator, Masque was ordered by Doom to send all the Doombots they had to deal with the threat to his rule.[3] When a rift in the space-time continuum was opened following a battle between Star-Lord and Gladiator, Doom became concerned when learned that the location of the rift was the site of the old Baxter Building. He personally went to investigate the rift and was accompanied by Masque.[4]

When the army of Doombots fought against rebel forces opposed to Doom's rule, Masque used a molecular disrupter rifle to knock out the rebel forces' leader Viv Vision that countered her phasing ability.[5] When Star-Lord returned from a trip through time to retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier, he was confronted by Doom, Masque, and their forces. Believing that the Ultimate Nullifier was to be used against him, Doom destroyed the Nullifier despite Star-Lord explaining that the Nullifier was to stop Galactus.[5] However, Doom and Masque didn't believe him. Masque told Star-Lord that he was to be executed to show what happened to those who oppose Doom.

Doom and Masque took Star-Lord to the Mutant Forbidden Quarter in Chicago for execution that was to be broadcasted all over Amerika. The execution was halted when Galactus appeared. Doom tried opposing Galactus but was quickly destroyed, leaving Masque in disbelief. Things got worse for Masque when Viv Vision and her rebel forces arrived to rescue Star-Lord. Masque ranted that she had worked hard to prevent society from collapsing into chaos. Viv then killed Masque by removing her heart.[6]



Seemingly those of the Giuletta Nefaria of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Giuletta Nefaria of Earth-616.

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