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The Gladiators were created by Hugo Longride to stage fights in gladiatorial games in an arena known as the Underground Mutant Theatre located in Hollywood, California.[citation needed]

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Hugo Longride also hired a talent scout named Alexander Flynn to find mutant to join the Gladiators. Flynn brought in several powerful mutants to the arena including Dazzler and the Beast. Eventually, Hugo and Flynn came into conflict over the management of the troupe and many of the Gladiators, who were being controlled by Flynn's own mutant powers, killed Hugo in the arena in front of hundreds of spectators.[citation needed]

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Now fully in control of the Gladiators, Flynn wanted to use them as his personal army to invade and conquer the small European nation of Latveria, which was ruled over by his supposed father, Doctor Doom. However, Flynn was defeated before he could set his plan into motion and lost control of the troupe to one of the Gladiators, Max Rocker.[citation needed]

A short time later the powerful telepath known as the Shadow King had taken control over another mutant named Karma and together they took over the running of the Gladiators and the Underground Mutant Theatre. Also, the Shadow King was masquerading as Alexander Flynn during this time period.[1]

Eventually, the Shadow King was defeated by a combined force of the New Mutants, Shadow Cat, Rachel Summers and the Dazzler.[2]

The subsequent fate of the troupe has yet to be recorded.


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