Gladys Smallwood's husband, Tom, was captain of a fishing trawler. During a particularly bad storm, Tom was knocked overboard and sank, weighted by the sinkers on his fishing net. On the ocean floor he found a glowing egg, which, floating, pulled him to the top. He brought it home to his wife and grandson, Dan. Gladys saw that there was something inside the egg. She was sure it wasn't humanoid, but when she broke the shell she held a tiny infant female, yellow skinned and distinctly humanoid. [1]

Marrina, as she was named by the Smallwoods, grew up fast and eventually became a member of Alpha Flight. It was later revealed she was part of an alien race called the Plodex. They automatically adapt to any environment, and when Gladys broke the egg shell, she imprinted her with human female DNA.[2]

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