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Glah-Ree was a Captain in the Kree Armada. While fighting Takolian warriors, his squadron was slain. Before his imminent demise, Captain Glory was pulled away from the battlefield into the Grandmaster's Cosmic Game Room, together with other strangers, whom the Grandmaster banded together to form the Lethal Legion. The team's objective was to battle in a contest on the Grandmaster's behalf against the Challenger's Black Order. Their prize for winning would be being allowed to live. If they lost, the Grandmaster would return each member of the Lethal Legion to certain death.[2]

Before the competition began, both teams were teleported to the planet chosen as battleground, Earth, for recon. The Lethal Legion and the Black Order got into a fight, but were stopped by their respective masters since the contest had yet to start.[3] On the first round, each team was divided in half to fight for the possession of two Pyramoids placed on Earth.[4] Captain Glory was in the half of his team dispatched to Cusco, Peru.[5] Their fight was interrupted by a group of Avengers, and the round ended unexpectedly when the Human Torch seized the Pyramoid before either team could. The other Pyramoid had been captured by the Black Order's Black Dwarf.[4] With the round over, both competing teams withdrew.[6]

When the second round began, all members of the Lethal Legion except Ferene the Other went for the Air Pyramoid placed in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and confronted a group of Avengers trying to stop them.[2] After Red Wolf claimed the Pyramoid,[7] the Lethal Legion was almost entirely defeated. Captain Glory managed to escape with Mentacle after she had used her powers to obfuscate the heroes' vision for a brief moment. Unfortunately, they were both intercepted by the Challenger's secret player, the Hulk. The Hulk landed on Captain Glory and broke his spine, and took down Mentacle before continuing his rampage.[8]

Following the end of the contest and the Avengers' victory over the Challenger, the Lethal Legion regrouped and escaped to Knowhere, with Gla-Ree having seemingly recovered from his injury. Since they all were facing near-death situations when the Grandmaster recruited them, none of them had anywhere to return. They decided to stay together and see what could their combined power accomplish.[9]

After the Kree Imperium merged with the Skrull Empire to form the Alliance, Captain Glory joined the new empire as one of its champions. After the Fantastic Four tried to diplomatically convince the new ruler Dorrek VIII to not attack Earth, the Avengers attacked the armadas on the behalf of the Cotati, prompting Captain Glory, alongside Super-Skrull, to try counteract, before Iron Man disabled the Alliance's ships, allowing the Cotati to infect the ships and killing countless soldiers.[10] They were able to destroy the infection when Hulkling combined the powers of his Star-Sword with those of Captain Marvel,[11] which prompted Super-Skrull and Captain Glory to try to convince their emperor in combining the sword's powers with Captain Marvel's again in order to destroy the Cotati's base on the moon, but he refused, since it would risk Marvel's life and instead gave the sword to Black Panther, much to the displease of the advisors.[12]

As the Cotati's Empyre were invading Earth, Captain Glory assisted R'Klll, who had been posing as Tanalth, in imprisoning her grandson and replacing him.[13] When Wiccan, Captain Marvel and Human Torch broke Hulkling out and confronted R'Klll, Super-Skrull, Mur-G'nn and Captain Hlory sided with the R'Klll and started fighting.[14] However, they all were then caught by the Dark Harvest's Omni-Wave Projector creating discord among the Kree and the Skrulls, but thankfully the New Fantastic Four were able to convert the effect and instead made the Kree and the Skrulls see the great power their alliance held, and leaving Super-Skrull and Captain Glory to turn on R'Klll. After that, he, Super-Skrull and Mur-G'nn helped Captain Marvel, Human Torch and Wiccan in disabling the Pyre which had been launched toward the Sun.[15]

Following the defeat of the Cotati, Captain Glory participated in Hulkling and Wiccan's official wedding. He then assisted Hulkling in interrogating the imprisoned R'Klll, and after that was over, Hulkling tried to punish Captain Glory for the complot by making him an ambassador on Earth, but Glory refused to obey stating that he was made for war and not diplomacy.[16]


Captain Glory is an enhanced Kree Super-Soldier bestowed with a number of metamutant[citation needed] powers and abilities by the Kree Empire.[10] Key amongst these special talents are the typical physical enhancements that all unaltered and augmented Kree possess, such as superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability, stamina and the like.[2] A couple of other faculties he possesses similar to the late Captain Mar-Vell includes the ability to harness and redistribute internalized ambient energy. Energy which he quite possibly uses for flight, augmented physicals and the practice of discharging potent energy bursts from his hands.[5] He was also conditioned to not feel guilt over his actions, making him immune to Robbie's Penance Stare while in his guise as the Ghost Rider.[10] Captain Glory also boasts regenerative abilities, the potency of which remains uncatalogued, but it was strong enough to mend his broken back after the Incredible Hulk shattered it.[1]


  • Master Combatant: He was a highly skilled warrior both in terms fighting unarmed and planning attacks.[17]

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